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Customer service management

What is customer service management?

CRM is customer-driven management, a business approach that is characterized by the active creation and maintenance of long-term customer relationships. These relationships must be beneficial to both the customer and the firm, which eliminates unethical behaviour towards customers.

Customer service management is sometimes considered as a database technology supported by the process of collecting, processing and utilizing information about the company’s customers.

Frequently asked questions

What does customer service management mean?

Customer service management is the process of managing every aspect related to customer service. To have control over it, it is good to have a system that will ensure control over every step of the client. It is a source of data on customers, their number and, for example, their satisfaction with purchases and customer service.

Is it possible to autmate customer service management?

Of course, it is possible to automate customer service management. There are many proposals on the market that support activities that do not have to be performed by humans, because they can be automated. Thanks to this, we gain time that we can devote to managing resources that are not suitable for automation – more human and emotional.

How to improve the quality of customer service management?

If you want to improve the quality of customer service management, it is definitely worth introducing solutions that automate customer service management. Another important point is listening to the agents who are on the front line when dealing with customers. Better management makes them work better too. You should also listen to customers whose feedback is extremely important, because customer service is about them.

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