Customer service training

What is customer service training?

If companies can exceed customer’s expectations, they provide an excellent customer support. Customer service training or CST is an activity – teaching customer representatives how to use positive language, respond with value or communicate with an angry customer.

They learn some new skills or information about products or services in order to increase a customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer representatives get more professional and skilled. It can also help business increase sales, revenues and reduce cost.

Frequently asked questions

What is customer service training?

Customer service training (CST) is a training for employees of an organization aimed at developing their knowledge, skills and competences that will increase customer satisfaction. Each employee who has contact with the client should undergo such training, with particular emphasis on the customer service team.

Who should participate in customer service training?

Every employee who has contact with the client should participate in customer service training. Regardless of whether it is a person working on the customer service team or a member of the marketing department, or someone who works at the reception desk of the organization's office. Thanks to this, everyone has the basic knowledge that from the customers perspective makes the organization look professional and put the customer first.

What types of customer service training are there?

The types of training for customer service are great. The first is instructor-led training. This form is very interactive and allows you to talk and share knowledge. Another example is a webinar, which is a more one-sided webinar, however participants can usually ask questions and conduct discussions in writing. Another form is e-learning, which can be individually completed at home. Mentoring is next. In this case, we usually : deal with this working one on one. In addition, we have instructions that explain how to get the job done, Electronic Productivity Assistance System (EPSS), which helps employees acquire the technical skills they need to provide excellent customer service.

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