Live customer service

What is live customer service?

Live customer service can provide help to clients in real time. It’s run by a firm that wants to give their product users or web visitors adequate advice and support. It doesn’t matter if you want to use a phone call, live chat, or video chat. Customer support can cooperate with you as you like.

In this case, often live chat functions as the first point of contact between a company and its customers. This is the primary reason why is this communication channel so powerful.

Frequently asked questions

What is live customer service?

Live customer support is a service that can deliver real-time customer support. It is run by companies that want to provide their customers with the best shopping experience, as well as appropriate support and the opportunity to provide advice on products and services. It has a huge impact on the perception of the company and its customer service level.


What are the most important features of live customer service?

The most important features of live customer service are the response speed and the substantive value of the response. By communicating through communication channels that enable him to contact live, the client expects a quick response and support. Easy access to this communicator is also extremely important. This can be helped by, for example, a button transferring to an agent on each subpage.


How to provide live customer service?

To ensure customer service, first of all, create a good service team and give them the tools to run this service at a high level. Live customer service is possible, among others thanks to the possibility of contact via live chat and live video chat. Allow the customer to easily access these communication channels. Employees should also have appropriate substantive knowledge and communicate efficiently with the client.


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