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Utilize a customer engagement platform

A customer engagement software is software that manages customer communications through a variety of channels such as web chat, email, or social media. Customer engagement platform usually includes features that support multi-channel communication, CRM systems, reporting, marketing personalization, and customer self-service. The main business benefit of using customer engagement software is increased revenue, ROI, and customer satisfaction.

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Invest in a customer engagement software

Customer engagement software is used to create and retain positive relationships with your customers. If you consistently provide a pleasant customer experience for your clients, they are statistically more likely to become loyal to your brand. In fact, 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Robust and reliable help desk support software allows you to stay consistent in your client interactions no matter the size of your business or customer base.

Having loyal customers has its perks — they are four times more likely to support your business through brand advocacy which includes reviews as well as word of mouth recommendations. As loyal customers become invested in your brand, they’re five times more likely to purchase from you again. That’s why it’s important to constantly strive to improve your customer service. According to Forbes, 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue.

Main features

There are plenty of customer engagement software vendors on the market, and it can be hard to distinguish which software is the best and which features are essential. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of customer engagement software main features. Customer engagement software providers should include the following in their core packages: multichannel customer engagement, automation, gamification, reporting, centralized management, integrations, segmentation, and a built in CRM.

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Multi-channel engagement

The right customer engagement software for business should give you the ability to communicate with your customers through multiple customer-preferred channels such as email, text, voice call, or social media.


Automation is an essential feature for customer engagement software because it saves tons of time. Automation rules allow you to execute customer engagement strategies when certain criteria are met. For example, if a customer has purchased a specific product multiple times, they can receive a promotional email when the item is restocked or on sale.

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A customer engagement software should be beneficial for your customers and staff alike. A gamification feature is a fun way to reward agents and promote healthy competition amongst teams and individuals. Boost productivity by giving out reward badges and gaining level ups


A proactive customer engagement software should provide a fully-featured analytics package that gives you powerful analysis and reporting tools.

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Centralized management

A centralized management system allows you to view and manage all your customer data and communication from one dashboard. Regardless of which channel you receive a customer query from, it will all arrive in one universal inbox which can be accessed by your whole customer support team.


A customer engagement software should be able to integrate with third-party apps that you already use for day to day business activities. Third-party app integrations can include POS systems, e-commerce systems, and social media.

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Customer segmentation is an important feature because it allows you to segment your customers according to your collected data. By utilizing segmentation, you can easily target certain groups of customers and personalize the content you provide to them.


A great customer engagement software should include a built in CRM because it allows you to manage all necessary customer data from contact information to previous orders and tickets.

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Customer knowledge base

Customer knowledge bases are a great asset to any customer engagement software. They enable customers to quickly find answers they need without having to contact you directly. A customer knowledge base is an asset for your customers and agents alike. Knowledge bases reduce customer wait times, the workload of your agents, as well as the time spent on resolving tickets. 

LiveAgent's customer engagement platform got it all

LiveAgent is a fully-featured customer engagement software that allows you to focus on fostering customer relationships. LiveAgent offers a:

Universal Inbox

A universal inbox helps you organize customer queries across multiple channels, and allows you to respond to them quickly.

Gamification Features

Gamification features that you can use to reward and incentivize your hard-working customer service staff.

Reporting System

Powerful reporting systems that allow you to see how well you are communicating with your customers at a glance.

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If you are looking for the top engagement software out there at the moment, give LiveAgent a try. LiveAgent is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020. We offer a free customer engagement software trial which lasts you 14 days. No credit card required. Keep your customers happy and engaged with LiveAgent.

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Customer engagement software FAQs

What is a customer engagement software?

A customer engagement software is a system that provides your customer service agents with tools to help your website visitors throughout their customer journey. Moreover, it merges all your customer inquiries into one software from various channels, such as Email, Calls, Social Media.

How customer engagement platform improve the overall customer experience?

Customer engagement platform is feature-rich software that automates tasks, which make your agents' workflow and workload more manageable. As a result, the agents can solely focus on the assigned tasks in one system and quickly deal with the customers' problems. Features such as automated ticket distribution, canned responses, and IVR contribute to the fast and efficient response time. Let's be honest, no one likes to wait, so if your agents can manage the inquires faster, your customers will appreciate that.

What are the features of customer engagement platforms?

A customer engagement platform or, in other words, a help desk solution has multiple categories of features. For instance, LiveAgent has more than 180 features. It includes ticketing management features like Automated ticket distribution, Hybrid ticket stream, and Time Rules. Besides, there are call center, gamification, integrations, live chat, mobile apps, multilingual, reporting, security, social media, and support portal categories full of beneficial features.

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Ticketing templates

Ticketing templates can help customer support agents to provide appropriate and accurate responses faster, save time and effort, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce new agent training time and ensure consistent brand messaging. Best practices for using canned responses and templates include involving the whole organization in the creation and review process, personalizing templates whenever possible, and revising them regularly. The article provides 12 common ticketing response template examples and highlights the importance of selecting a ticketing system with features like automated ticket distribution, performance reports and customer portals. LiveAgent is recommended as the most reviewed and #1 rated ticketing software for small to medium-sized businesses.


Atomer offers a web-based system for creating online stores and websites, and relies on LiveAgent for high-quality technical support. The team is pleased with the transparency and ease of use of LiveAgent, and has seen a rise in customer satisfaction as a result. Thanks to the software's website chat system, customers can receive real-time support, and departments make it easy to reassign tickets. Atomer runs other projects in addition to its online store platform, and credits LiveAgent for helping them to solve customer requests on a daily basis.

Want to know more about how to provide exceptional call center customer service? Find out by reading our article.

What is a Customer Service Call Center?

Customer service call centers are essential for businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and meet their demands. They can be expensive and challenging, but cloud-based call center software can efficiently manage inbound and outbound calls, routing, monitoring, and reporting. Call center representatives must be skilled in solving problems, communicating, and have technical support experience. They must provide personalized solutions and a great user experience while being flexible and knowledgeable in multiple languages. A competent call center system and an experienced, agile team are critical for excellent customer service.

Get more information from your customers with Nicereply integration for LiveAgent. It brings the best Nicereply features into one help desk software.


LiveAgent offers a range of customer service software, including help desk, email management, and complaint management systems. The software is ideal for startups and provides features such as integrations and a client portal. The company is dedicated to providing support and has won awards for its services. LiveAgent offers a free trial and is available for VoIP phone systems, self-service software, and inbound call center software. The company can be reached via sales contacts or by subscribing to their newsletter. Cookie usage is required for the best experience on their website.

Sales has always been a game of speed and numbers. Responsive and customer-centric sales teams have always had the advantage over slower teams.

Why sales teams need live chat and instant demo solutions

Sales teams need to prioritize speed and responsiveness in order to attract and retain new customers, particularly in the COVID-19 era. Inbound sales leads expect quick and detailed information, often relying on virtual sales meetings and demos to assess potential solutions. Live Chat and Instant Demo solutions can make a significant difference in converting leads to customers, with companies who respond within an hour being 7x more likely to have meaningful conversations with decision-makers. Chat widgets such as LiveAgent enable instant responses without negatively affecting website loading speed. Instant Online Demos, provided through solutions like CrankWheel, are a cost and time-effective way to convert new leads. The use of video in customer service is increasingly important, while real-time customer support has become essential for businesses to retain customers and increase revenue.

Rewards & Badges

LiveAgent is a customer satisfaction software that can help businesses improve their customer service metrics and retain loyal customers. It offers various features and integrations, a free trial, and customer service available 24/7. The software also provides loyalty program email templates that can generate repeat sales and brand advocacy. For software development companies, LiveAgent can be a valuable helpdesk software solution that can boost advocacy and create a positive customer experience.

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