Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience?

All interactions, customers have with a company and its services/products are called customer experience or CX in other words. It begins when the customer starts dealing with a company. 

CX is about providing an effective, usable, and satisfying experience. The main factor is to provide it to every customer, every time and everywhere. It is about exceeding customer expectations, helping them, and caring for customers. It is like a partnership and every experience has an impact on it. Invest in CX and it will increase your sales and revenues.

Every contact we have with the customer influences whether they will come back. We have to be great every time or we'll lose them.

Author Kevin Stritz

What are the benefits of good customer experience?

  • loyal customers
  • new customers
  • higher revenue
  • customer engagement
  • customer retention

Why is customer experience so important?

According to Harvard Business Reviews, customer experience has never been more important. The study says that the customer who had a good CX is likely to spend 140% more. This is in comparison to the customer who had a bad CX. Investing in your CX is cheaper for your business in the long term. The reason is that an unhappy customer requires more to solve their dissatisfaction.

Another factor mentioned in the Harvard business reviews study was customer loyalty. It showed that good CX gives a 74% chance of retaining a customer next year. But, the poor CX leaves the company with a 43% chance to keep the customer next year. 

How to improve your CX with customer service software?

Customer service software, such as LiveAgent, provides fast and efficient communication with customers. Customer representatives can work within one software. LiveAgent gives the ability to communicate with customers from multiple channels.

LiveAgent Features that improve CX:

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