Google Sheets

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program included in Google Docs office suite. It’s free and browser-based so anybody can use it for their personal or business needs.

How can you use it?

Use Google Sheets to keep track of new sheets added to your folders. You can also create sheets from scratch or templates, append texts, upload sheets or find them via LiveAgent’s integration.


  • Keep track of new sheets in your dashboard
  • Create, append, upload or share sheets from LiveAgent

How to integrate Google Sheets with LiveAgent via Zapier

Zapier is a service made for integrating two apps via a trigger and action system. You can integrate Google Sheets with LiveAgent via Zapier. You don’t need any coding skills 

If you don’t have a Zapier account, create one here. Then proceed to the LiveAgent and Google Sheets integrations page

LiveAgent and Google Sheets integration on Zapier
LiveAgent + Google Sheets

Scroll down and go to the section named Connect LiveAgent + Google Sheets in minutes. Pick your trigger and action in this section. There are multiple choices you can pick from.

As an example, we’re going to show you an integration with Google Sheets trigger New or Updated Spreadsheet Row with LiveAgent action Create Conversation. You can use this integration to keep your agents updated about new things in your sheets. When you’re done selecting from the list of integrations click the blue Connect button to proceed. 

Selected Google Sheets trigger and LiveAgent action
Selected trigger and action

Log into your Google Sheets account and proceed with the trigger setup.

Google Sheets trigger setup options and fields
Google Sheets trigger setup

You can also test the trigger before finishing the integration. We recommend you to do this but you can skip this step.

A successful test of a Google Sheets trigger
Successful trigger test

Now set up LiveAgent action. In our case, we have to fill out required fields about the conversation LiveAgent creates whenever there is a new or updated sheet.

LiveAgent action setup in Google Sheets integration
LiveAgent action setup

When you’re done test the integration to see if it works. You can also check your email tickets and look for the message about updates or new sheets.

Successful test of a Google Sheets and LiveAgent integration

You’re done. Enjoy your new integration.

Google Sheets example
Sheets example
Google Sheets and LiveAgent integration is complete
A message in your ticketing system

Feel free to return to this guide when creating more integrations 

Frequently asked questions

What are Google Sheets used for?

Google Sheets are primarily used for the organization and analysis of data, or any piece of information.   

What are the benefits of integrating Google Sheets with LiveAgent?

The benefits include: no need to switch between platforms, getting notified about new Google Sheets, creating/sharing Google Sheets from your LiveAgent.

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Searching for what is IT helpdesk? This solution manages customer IT requests by technical support. Understand how it works with explanation from professionals.

What is IT helpdesk?

Help desk software is an effective management tool that focuses on serving customers and end-users by providing information, support, and assistance. With the right software, faster and more personalized responses can be delivered, while self-service options empower customers to resolve issues independently. Help desks can eliminate problems such as lost or unanswered tickets, delayed responses, and lack of responsibility. The use of help desk support can improve customer satisfaction, engagement, retention, and sales, as well as improve agent productivity and reduce stress and burnout. LiveAgent offers a free and easy-to-use helpdesk portal that can be customized to fit a company's needs.

Formidable Forms integration is an advanced form builder in your LiveAgent dashboard. Simply integrate it via Zapier and start gaining benefits.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a WordPress plugin for creating forms and managing entries. It can be used to track changes, add customers, and create conversations. The plugin is free and WordPress is software that helps create custom websites. There are many other integrations available with LiveAgent that can be used for customer service, including a glossary and demo opportunities.

Contextual help is a knowledge base of frequently asked questions. With this 'dictionary' is not necessary to contact support service on some occasions.

Contextual help

LiveAgent offers search widgets on websites that enable contextual help, suggesting knowledge base articles based on keywords the user types. This helps improve the customer experience and reduce submitted tickets. Contextual help provides necessary information directly in the interface to help the client overcome their problem. The system recognizes the user's location and suggests the best articles to address their needs. LiveAgent's search widgets provide contextual help on any site, based on keywords entered, drawing from the knowledge base.

Google Forms integration enables you to manage forms easily from LiveAgent. Simply integrate it via Zapier and start gaining benefits.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a survey administration software and part of the Google Docs Editors suite. It can be integrated with LiveAgent to manage forms from one software and receive notifications about new responses. Integration can be done via Zapier, where users can choose triggers and actions, configure sender and recipient information, and conduct a test to ensure functionality. Integration benefits include managing Google Forms from LiveAgent and receiving notifications about new responses.

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