Google Calendar

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a free calendar app for all available operating systems. It’s used to schedule events, set up reminders and it’s easily shareable with your colleagues. 

How can you use it?

Google Calendar in your LiveAgent dashboard helps you keep organized and follow important events, appointments, and reminders. Get notifications about new calendars, added events, starts, and ends of events, cancellations, and other important information. You can also create calendars, events, and update them manually from LiveAgent’s dashboard. 


  • Create and get notified about events and calendar updates
  • Manage and update your event information
  • One solution, no more switching between apps

Frequently asked questions

What is Google Calendar integration?

Google Calendar integration allows you to manage all your events from one interface - LiveAgent. As a result, you'll never miss out on an important event ever again.

What are the benefits of Google Calendar integration inside LiveAgent?

Saves time (no switching between platforms), has the ability to update events from LiveAgent and sends notifications about new events or any changes.

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