Process Street

What is Process Street?

Process Street is a workflow software for businesses. Create checklists, track business activity and increase your workflow.

How can you use it?

You can use Process Street integration to keep track of your updates from LiveAgent’s dashboard. You will know about new customers, attachments, checklists, comments or when a task gets checked. Furthermore, you can create and update checklists, manage customers or create conversations with them.


  • Never lose track of your work in one solution
  • Manage your work easily

Frequently asked questions

What is Process Street?

Process Street is a workflow and process management software. It minimizes mistakes and saves money for businesses with superpowered checklists. 

How can you utilize Process Street integration inside LiveAgent?

The integration allows you to update checklists and manage customers from one interface. Moreover, it provides you with notifications when you acquire new customers, comments, or checklists. Such updates are displayed right inside your LiveAgent Dashboard. 


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Searching for what is IT helpdesk? This solution manages customer IT requests by technical support. Understand how it works with explanation from professionals.

What is IT helpdesk?

Help desk software is an effective management tool that focuses on serving customers and end-users by providing information, support, and assistance. With the right software, faster and more personalized responses can be delivered, while self-service options empower customers to resolve issues independently. Help desks can eliminate problems such as lost or unanswered tickets, delayed responses, and lack of responsibility. The use of help desk support can improve customer satisfaction, engagement, retention, and sales, as well as improve agent productivity and reduce stress and burnout. LiveAgent offers a free and easy-to-use helpdesk portal that can be customized to fit a company's needs.

Jumpstart your project management with LiveAgent's project management capabilities and integrations. Plan tasks and manage agents and departments.

Project management

LiveAgent is a customer success software that offers collaboration tools, including split tickets, tags, notes, and internal tickets, and integrates with applications like Slack, ActiveCampaign, Instagram, and Facebook. The platform also offers Clockify, a web time tracker and timesheet app, and webinars to help businesses improve their customer service. LiveAgent is presented as an alternative to TeamSupport and provides 24/7 customer service, a free trial period with no credit card required, and free data migration. Sales contacts are available for interested parties.

Ticket form is something we call contact form in liveagent. It’s used as either an embedded widget or a popup widget for customers.

Ticket form

Ticket forms, also known as contact forms, are a standard feature in most ticketing system solutions. They allow you to collect additional information from customers before they submit queries, using dropdown menus or mandatory fields. The form can be placed anywhere on your website to be easily accessible. Furthermore, they can be created for many types of service requests, allowing you to precisely enter individual content and specific categories. LiveAgent offers customizable ticket forms, transfer ticket function, and other related functions.

Manage your agents with Project Manager integration for LiveAgent. Plan, track and collaborate without leaving your help desk software.

The integration of Clockify with LiveAgent is simple and straightforward, and LiveAgent offers various resources and integrations for managing customer support teams, such as Zapier and A Help Center Manager in LiveAgent has control over team activities and can efficiently lead and supervise their team. Clockify is a free time tracker app that can improve productivity and profitability, and integrating it with LiveAgent is easy to do. Overall, LiveAgent provides a range of support features and resources for businesses.

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