What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media software focused on sharing photos, pictures and videos. Instagram is one of the most used social media and brings business to a large number of companies worldwide via sales. Instagram is becoming popular as a customer service tool.

How can you use it?

Keep track of new Instagram customers and new media posted in your account from your dashboard. Manage customers and start conversations with them from your LiveAgent.


  • Keep track of your Instagram account from your dashboard
  • Interact with customers without switching platforms
  • Increase your workflow

How to integrate Instagram with LiveAgent

LiveAgent has a native Instagram integration available. To set it up, follow the guide below and add Instagram as one of your customer support tools. 

Open your LiveAgent and go to Configuration > System > Plugins. Find Instagram in the list of plugins and click on the Activate switch on the right. LiveAgent will restart after this. 

Instagram plugin in LiveAgent's plugin list
Instagram plugin

After the restart, you can find Facebook and Instagram section on the left configuration panel. Click on the account section below Facebook and Instagram. 

Adding an Instagram and Facebook account in LiveAgent
Add Instagram account

Instagram integration works together with Facebook. If you don’t have an Instagram account connected to your Facebook page, you can do so in your Facebook page settings as shown in the picture below.

Instagram settings on Facebook, connecting an Instagram page to your Facebook page
Instagram settings on Facebook

Click on the orange plus button at the top to add your Instagram and Facebook account. 

Provide necessary permissions to Facebook and Instagram to handle your data. If your Instagram page is connected to your Facebook page, it can be added with your Facebook page.

Select Instagram accounts you want to include in the integration
Select Instagram account

That’s it, now you can follow your comments and reply to them via LiveAgent.

Instagram connected to LiveAgent
Instagram comments are now visible in LiveAgent
Instagram comments in LiveAgent

How to integrate Instagram with LiveAgent via Zapier

Instagram can be also integrated via Zapier. It’s a platform that creates integrations of various kinds between two apps. The process is very simple and it can be finished within minutes without any coding knowledge. 

You’re going to need a Zapier account. If you don’t have one, you can create one at this link. Go to the Instagram + LiveAgent integrations page on Zapier. 

LiveAgent and Instagram integrations page on Zapier
LiveAgent + Instagram

Scroll down until you see the Connect LiveAgent + Instagram in minutes section. This is where you can pick a trigger and an action.

Selected Instagram trigger and LiveAgent action
Selected trigger and action

Now set up your Instagram trigger. Select your Instagram account and test the trigger. 

Instagram trigger setup in the integration process
Instagram trigger setup
A successful test of an Instagram trigger
Instagram trigger test

Now set up your LiveAgent action. Just like before, log in to your account and continue. This part may require filling out more fields, depending on what kind of LiveAgent action you picked. 

LiveAgent action setup in Instagram integration on Zapier
LiveAgent action setup

Do one final test of the integration to see if it works.

Successful test of a LiveAgent and Instagram integration
Successful integration test

Go ahead and check your LiveAgent. If LiveAgent finds a new post in your Instagram account, you will find a message informing you about it in your ticketing system. 

Instagram message about a new post in LiveAgent ticketing system
Integration active

Frequently asked questions

What is the Instagram integration inside LiveAgent?

LiveAgent allows you to connect your Instagram with LiveAgent so that your customer service team can efficiently reply to any mentions and comments. As a result, you can always stay on track with your social media presence and build strong customer relationships. 


What are the benefits of Instagram integration?

The benefits include: the improved customer service workflow, the ability to communicate with your Instagram audience/customers from one Universal inbox.

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Sandbox is an internal-only LivAagent account, usually installed as a 14-day trial. Certain customers can request an extension in some cases.


Sandbox is an internal-only LiveAgent account used for operational testing and checking new functions before public implementation. It usually comes as a 14-day trial, but extensions are available upon request. LiveAgent offers a sandbox, and if the trial period is not enough, users can request an extension. The solution helps identify potential problems and demonstrate actions to team members.

In-app support is provided by a help button placed in the app. For further help a support agent is contacted and a ticket is created.

In-app support

In-app support is crucial for efficient customer service as more users are accessing the internet via their mobile devices. It's important for customer service to be visually appealing and intuitive. Ideally, customers should receive immediate support within the application and not be transferred to other messaging platforms. Sending clients to email or phone options should be avoided. Call center software, helpdesk support, and chat support are essential tools for businesses looking to provide excellent customer service. The benefits of using them include improved productivity, transparency, scalability, and customer satisfaction.

Avoxi is a VoIP and cloud communications service provider that can be used to power your LiveAgent call center


Avoxi is a cloud communications and VoIP provider that offers toll-free and local numbers for call centers, hotels, and global enterprises. Avoxi and LiveAgent are VoIP partners, allowing for easy integration. Utilizing Avoxi with LiveAgent can improve call center tasks and customer relationship management. Avoxi offers advanced features such as IVR trees, call routing, video calls, and unlimited call recordings. Avoxi integration with LiveAgent is free. Avoxi provides a free 14-day trial to improve customer service. LiveAgent has Avoxi as a built-in feature, eliminating the need for plugins. There are no extra fees to add Avoxi phone numbers to LiveAgent's customer support call center.

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