What is Braintree?

Braintree is a company that specializes in web and mobile-based payments for the e-commerce segment. It provides its users with payment gateways and merchant accounts. Braintree is a division of a popular PayPal service. 

How can you use it?

Use Braintree to follow your transactions from your LiveAgent account.


  • Cancel payments
  • Refund payments
  • Keep track of new transactions or new customers

How to integrate Braintree with LiveAgent

LiveAgent has a native Braintree integration available. To activate it, open your LiveAgent dashboard and go to Configuration > System > Plugins. Find the Braintree integration in the list and click on the Activate switch. 

A picture showing where to find Braintree plugin in LiveAgent configuration
Braintree plugin

With the plugin active, click on the Cog icon next to the switch to open configuration. 

A picture showing Braintree plugin configuration
Braintree plugin configuration

In this window, you will need to enter Merchant ID, Public Key and Private key. You can find these in your Braintree, in the Sandbox Keys & Configuration section.

A picture showing where to find Merchant ID, public key and private key in Braintree
Keys & Configuration

Insert the data into the fields and click on Save. Open up any ticket and find the Braintree icon. Your integration is now active. 

Braintree in LiveAgent after plugin activation and setup
Braintree is active

How to integrate Braintree with LiveAgent via Zapier

Braintree and LiveAgent can be connected via Zapier. If you want to create a Zapier integration, you first need to have a Zapier account.

 Create it over here. If you already have it, then simply log in and go to the Braintree + LiveAgent integrations page on Zapier. 

LiveAgent and Braintree integration page on Zapier
LiveAgent + Braintree

Scroll down on the page until you see the Connect Braintree + LiveAgent in minutes section. This is where you can pick a trigger and an action. Think about what kind of integration you want and take a pick.

As an example, we picked Braintree trigger New Customer with LiveAgent action Add New Customer. When you’re done, click on the blue button to continue.

Braintree trigger New Customer and LiveAgent action Add New Customer
Selected trigger and action

Now you need to go through the trigger configuration. Sign in to your Braintree via Zapier and continue with the simple process.

Braintree trigger configuration on Zapier
Braintree trigger configuration

We recommend to test the trigger when you’re done but you can skip this step. 

Braintree trigger test on Zapier
Braintree trigger test

Continue with configuring the LiveAgent action. Just like before, log in to your LiveAgent via Zapier and fill out the fields in the next step.

In the email field, select 1. Email just like on the picture below. This will ensure an email address will be added to LiveAgent whenever there’s a new customer in Braintree.

Fill out the remaining fields according to your liking or as shown in the picture below. 

LiveAgent action configuration with data in fields on Zapier
LiveAgent action configuration

Do one final test of the integration.

A successful test of a Braintree and LiveAgent integration
Integration is ready

That’s it, you’re done. A customer will always be added whenever there’s a new one in Braintree. 

A customer has been added to LiveAgent thanks to successful integration with Braintree
Customer has been added to LiveAgent

Feel free to return to the site and create more integrations.

Frequently asked questions

What is Braintree integration?

Braintree is a Paypal service. The integration allows you to refund or cancel payments from LiveAgent with just a few clicks.  

How do you integrate Braintree with LiveAgent?

The first step is to navigate to Configurations from your LiveAgent Dashboard. The second step is to click on System -> Plugins. The last step is to search for Braintree and activate it. 

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