What is ThinQ?

ThinQ is an American VoIP provider offering call services for business clients since 2009. ThinQ promises: “flexible, transparent, cost-effective voice and messaging communications in the cloud.” LiveAgent and ThinQ are now partners. As a result, you can implement your VoIP number inside the LiveAgent call center easily.

How does call center software work?

How can you integrate ThinQ VoIP into LiveAgent?

Since ThinQ is a part of LiveAgent, sign into your LiveAgent account and navigate to:

1. Configurations

2. Call

3. Numbers

4. (+ button)

After that, search for ThinQ and fill in all information.

How much does LiveAgent charge for ThinQ integration?

LiveAgent doesn’t charge the customers for the integration. It is already build-in LiveAgent, free to use for LiveAgent customers. However, keep in mind that ThinQ is a separate company that charges for its services.

What are the benefits of using VoIP?

  • cost-efficient
  • improved customer experience
  • improved productivity
  • access all across America 

If you would like to learn more about how call center software works, check out the video down below.

Don't have LiveAgent yet?

No problem! LiveAgent offers a 14-day free trial where you can test the free ThinQ integration!

Frequently asked questions

What is ThinQ?

ThinQ is a telecommunication company operating all across America since 2009, offering cost-effective and flexible VoIP services/products. 

How can you integrate ThinQ into your call center?

LiveAgent's call center allows your business to integrate a VoIP number already inside the LiveAgent.  Simply search for ThinQ between VoIP partners and add the necessary details. 

Where can you change Call Routing inside LiveAgent?

Navigate to Configurations - Call - Settings and adjust your call center settings based on your company's preferences. 

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Get to know more about the call center phone. Understand in-depth explanations from professionals.

Call center phone

Call centers require specialized phone systems for effective customer support, with IP, VoIP, and mobile phone systems among the most common types. Call center agents also need other equipment such as computers, headsets with microphones, and call center software for call management and operations. Choosing the right call center phone system involves considering advanced features, processing times, security standards, payment and routing options, as well as support for self-service and multi-channel communications. LiveAgent offers numerous features and integrations for call centers looking to improve their services.

Many different call center tools help streamline internal and external communications. Find out which one they are.

Call center tools

The given text mainly talks about LiveAgent, a call center software that offers various features and tools to improve agent productivity and customer service. It also mentions the benefits of call center quality assurance and provides information on the cost of call center software. In addition, the text includes some company information and a call to action to subscribe and receive news about LiveAgent updates and discounts.

If you want to provide outstanding customer service for your customers, utilizing a free virtual call center software is a great way to get started.

Free Call Center Software

Call center software, whether free or paid, is an essential tool for businesses looking to provide excellent customer service. With the rise of cloud-based solutions and automated calling systems, it's easier than ever to set up and maintain your own virtual call center. The software allows agents to make and receive calls, access customer information, and organize all inbound and outbound phone interactions. There are different types of call center solutions available, including inbound and outbound call centers, multichannel contact centers, and omnichannel contact centers. Free call center software can be a great option for smaller businesses, while paid systems are better for larger companies. The benefits of using call center software include improved productivity, transparency, and customer satisfaction, as well as lowered costs, easy implementation, and scalability. Best practices for call center software include taking advantage of software integration and preparing call center scripts.

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