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If you want to add one of your chat buttons to your ExpressionEngine, you can do it easily by inserting the button code into a global header or footer file. 

  • First of all, copy the desired chat button – in your LiveAgent
  • Navigate to Configuration> Chat> Chat buttons, edit the chosen button and copy the integration code.
  • Now navigate to your Expression Engine Design> Templates> Edit> global and choose the header or footer file. In our example, we are working with the footer file. Paste the code to the code area:
  • You’re done! Save your changes with the Update button and your site is now integrated with the button. It will show based on the button settings.

What is ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine is a content management system, with the help of which you can create a website or a forum. It’s pretty robust, has a powerful security system, and moreover, it’s highly customizable.

How can you use it?

LiveAgent enables you to place live chat buttons on your ExpressionEngine websites.


What are the benefits of using ExpressionEngine?

- user-friendly

- great security

- extensive variety of add-ons/extensions  

How do you integrate ExpressionEngine with LiveAgent?

Here are a few steps to integrate a live chat button:

1. Sign up / Log in to your LiveAgent account

2. Click on Configurations -> Chat -> Chat button 

3. Create or Customize a chat button

4. Copy the HTML code from LiveAgent

6. Implement the code into ExpressionEngine (Design-Templates-Edit-Global-footer/header-Paste-Save)


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