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What is Trello?

Trello is a great tool for project management and task management. It includes Kanban boards that can be shared and flexibly updated or altered.

How can you use it?

Trello integration allows you to do a lot of tasks directly from your dashboard. You can keep track of new customers added to the system, see when a new board is created or card archived. It also follows new activities, card due dates, creation of new card, new comments and automatically moves cards to lists. Create checklists, boards, cards and mmanage archiving, labeling, member management or checklists all directly from LiveAgent.


  • Advanced task management
  • Never switch between apps
  • Better workflow
  • Keeps track of everything important happening in Trello

How to integrate LiveAgent and Trello via Zapier

Zapier’s third party integrations make it easy to connect two applications in a matter of minutes and helps you customize triggers and actions you want to happen in your integration without the need for coding experience.

Make sure you have a Zapier account. If not, you can create it at this link or directly on the LiveAgent and Trello integration page. When you’re there, you will see a trigger and an action selection.

LiveAgent and Trello integration on Zapier with Trigger and Action selection
Trigger and Action selection

Select a trigger and an action of this Zapier integration. There are multiple options so you can pick one the fits your customer support team or other departments. They work both ways between two applications or even within one application.

The choice is yours. As a showcase, we picked Trello trigger New Card and LiveAgent action Create Conversation. It will send an email into your email ticketing every time there’s a new card created in Trello.

Trello trigger New Card with LiveAgent action New Conversation
New Card trigger + Create Conversation action

Click on the blue Connect LiveAgent + Trello and you will get into the Trigger and Action configuration section. In our case, Trello comes first because it’s a Trigger. Customize the Trigger details according to your needs. Then click on the blue continue button below on the website. If you didn’t add your Trello email address, you can add it in this section or select from a list of your accounts from previous integration setups.

Customization options of Trello's New Card trigger
Trello trigger custom setup

Zapier will require you to test your Trigger. Make sure you filled out all of the options correctly and then make a test.

Test of a Trello trigger in Zapier
Trello trigger test

The next step is to configure your LiveAgent action, what will LiveAgent do when a trigger is activated. This section requires you to fill out more detailed information but not all of it is necessary. You will be required to add or select your LiveAgent email address in this section.

Customization options of LiveAgent's Create Conversation action
LiveAgent action custom setup

When you’re done, another test will be needed to make sure the entire integration works as you plan to. Go ahead and try it out. If there’s something wrong, Zapier will automatically offer you a troubleshooting guide to help you out.

Successful test of a LiveAgent and Trello Zapier integration
Successful test of an integration

Now, have a look at your Tickets in LiveAgent. Your notification will show up according to the Zapier setup.

A new conversation in LiveAgent triggered by Trello integration
A new conversation by custom trigger

That’s it, you’re done. You can also create more custom Zapier integrations for LiveAgent if you need to.


What does Trello integrate with?

Trello integrates with different kinds of tools/apps/software. For instance, Slack, Twitter, MailChimp, LiveAgent, Salesforce, and more! 


What is Trello?

Trello is a project management tool that provides companies with visual boards where they can keep their projects organized.  

How can you integrate Trello with LiveAgent?

1. Sign in to your Zapier account or create an account

2. Navigate to Zapier - LiveAgent + Trello

3. Choose Trigger/Action

4. Connect

5. Fill in the necessary information

6. Test

7. Use

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