What is MicroSIP?

MicroSIP is a VoIP softphone solution that will turn your computer into a fully capable calling device. It was first released in 2011, and it’s continuously updated since then. This softphone app can be downloaded for free with no hidden or additional charges for its features, and it doesn’t require any payment information either. MicroSIP is a simple but effective SIP calling solution that works with any VoIP service provider. The software is easy to install and set up.

How can you use MicroSIP?

MicroSIP can be used as your go-to SIP calling solution. Simply download it, install it, and connect it with your VoIP provider or help desk software, and you can start making and receiving phone calls on your computer device. MicroSIP can also handle text messaging and video calling, and it offers simple but effective contact list and call logs features. The software has minimum requirements, and it’s considered a lightweight application with a very small footprint on the computer memory.

MicroSIP can be used as your dedicated softphone for use in your LiveAgent call center. It works well with all of our call center features, such as IVR, call routing, call transfers and more. You can perform calls directly from your LiveAgent agent panel by choosing MicroSIP as your preferred calling device. The integration process is simple and it takes just a couple of minutes to complete.

Costs of integrating MicroSIP

MicroSIP is a freeware app, which means that it can be downloaded free of charge. It doesn’t offer any additional charges. However, to use MicroSIP, you will need a VoIP service provider plan that usually comes with a paid plan.

What are the benefits of MicroSIP?

  • Free SIP softphone software
  • Easy installation and setup
  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • Lightweight solution

How to integrate MicroSIP with LiveAgent?

MicroSIP can be easily integrated with LiveAgent. To do so, you will need to download MicroSIP for free. You can find the download link here. Since LiveAgent doesn’t provide a VoIP service, you will also need to get a VoIP plan and a phone number so you can start calling using MicroSIP as a softphone. LiveAgent supports a large number of VoIP providers, so you can choose whichever you prefer to get started.

An image showing the MicroSIP homepage
  • You will need to already have a number from your VoIP provider available and connected to the LiveAgent system for this to work. If you don’t know how to do that, browse through our VoIP integrations, find the VoIP provider you use or would like to use, and see the available guide.

    Now, go to your LiveAgent account and open Configuration > Call > Devices > Add Phone > SIP. Add your VoIP phone number that you would like to connect with MicroSIP, and name this softphone. When done, click on Create.
A picture showing how to add a new SIP phone in LiveAgent configuration
  • Once you created this softphone in the LiveAgent system, navigate to the View button and click on it. You will see information such as User name, password, and host. Use this information in the next step.
A picture showing details of a newly created SIP phone in LiveAgent configuration
  • Once you install MicroSIP, open it and navigate to the upper button shaped like a downward arrow. Click on it and select Add Account. Fill out the fields using the information from the previous step and create your new MicroSIP account. The integration is finished, but there’s one last step remaining until you can start calling with MicroSIP.
How to integrate MicroSIP with LiveAgent? - App - Uploads - 2022 - 08 - Microsip Add New Account.png
  • Now you need to choose this device as your preferred one for answering calls. Navigate to the Phone icon in the upper right corner of your LiveAgent app and click on it. Select your MicroSIP softphone as the preferred method for calling. You can even specify departments, or select available times.
How to integrate MicroSIP with LiveAgent? - App - Uploads - 2022 - 08 - Liveagent Voice Settings 1.png

Frequently asked questions

What is MicroSIP?

Your computer will become a fully functional phone with MicroSIP, a VoIP softphone solution. It can be used with any VoIP service provider and is a simple but effective SIP calling solution. It is free to download, has no hidden charges or additional charges, and doesn't require any credit card information.

How can you use MicroSIP?

MicroSIP is a great solution for SIP calling. Using your computer device, you can make and receive phone calls by downloading it, installing it, and connecting it with your VoIP provider. A simple but effective contact list and call log feature are also included in MicroSIP, as well as text messaging and video calling.

What are the benefits of MicroSIP?

The main benefits are easy installation and setup, a simple to use interface within a lightweight softphone solution. It’s also free to download with no charges included whatsoever.

How to integrate MicroSIP with LiveAgent?

First you need to create a new calling device in LiveAgent, and then use the data available in the configuration information to create a new account in MicroSIP. Then you simply have to select MicroSIP as your preferred calling device in LiveAgent. Check out our full guide to get more information.

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