Placetel is a German telecommunication company providing VoIP services. Moreover, offering phone numbers from all 5200 German local networks since 2007. The company has an impressive function portfolio, more than 150 – to be specific.

Placetel is now a part of LiveAgent. Therefore, you can use the Placetel VoIP number already inside your LiveAgent call center easily.

How much does it cost to integrate a Placetel VoIP number into LiveAgent?

LiveAgent provides Placetel integration for free. However, Placetel charges for its services separately.

How do you integrate Placetel into LiveAgent?

1. Get a Placetel VoIP number

2. Log in to your LiveAgent account

3. Click on Configurations – Call – Numbers – (+)

4. Search for Placetel

5. Fill in the necessary information

6. Click ADD and USE your VoIP number immediately 


  • better productivity
  • improved customer experience
  • cost-efficient
  • ability to use multiple devices 
  • free integration

If you would like to learn more about how call center software works, check out the video down below.

Don't have LiveAgent yet?

No problem! LiveAgent offers a 14-day free trial where you can test the free Placetel integration!

Frequently asked questions

What is LiveAgent - Placetel integration?

Placetel is a VoIP provider. Thus, if you have a VoIP number from Placetel, you can connect it with your call center in LiveAgent for an improved customer experience.  

How much does it cost to connect your Placetel VoIP number with LiveAgent?

LiveAgent does not charge any additional fees for connecting a Placetel VoIP number with LiveAgent´s call center. 

How do VoIP phones work compared to a landline phone?

The simple answer is that your VoIP phone works pretty much the same way. However, the main difference is that your inbound and outbound calls are through your internet connection. Nowadays, it is more reliable since the internet bandwidth has increased.  But, keep in mind that it depends on your internet provider. 

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MultiTEL is a VoIP provider that offers global phone numbers, plenty of useful features, and analytic tools for calls and text messages.


MultiTEL is a VoIP service provider that offers global coverage and cost-effective communication solutions. It also provides analytic tools for inbound and outbound calls and text messages. MultiTEL can be integrated with LiveAgent help desk software, which can help with customer call management and provide a wide range of help desk tools. The integration is free and easy to configure. LiveAgent offers a free 14-day trial and concierge migration services.

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LiveAgent offers integrations with various VoIP phone service providers, including VoipTiger, VoIPstudio, VoIPcloud, and Voyced, which can improve customer experience, lower costs, and increase productivity for small and mid-sized businesses. These integrations are fast and easy to set up, with no extra payments required, and businesses can take advantage of advanced call center features, call routing, and IVR trees. LiveAgent also offers a free trial for those interested in testing the integrations.

Integration of Yootel VoIP services with your LiveAgent call center is really easy. You can learn how by reading this article.


Yootel is a VoIP operator founded in 2012 that offers many features such as IP telephony, Centrex, Trunk Sip, unified communication, and management solutions for contact centers. It provides excellent customer support and is easy to use. By integrating Yootel with LiveAgent, businesses can establish a call center to improve customer relationships, gain new customers, and provide general customer service. LiveAgent's advanced features like custom IVR, call transfers, and call recording make it easy to manage and run a call center.

Tel-link protocols are used for setting up calling options online (click-to-call) by using a tel-link protocol a phone number call link is created.

Tel link protocol

Tel Link is a clickable telephone link used on websites to improve customer service and support. To add it to your website, customize the phone number and text in the HTML telephone link template. Including a mobile phone number on your website through Tel Link can increase customer satisfaction and sales. LiveAgent offers free VoIP integration with various telephone providers, including Telsome, Teletek, and TeleCube. Additionally, online chat is another important tool for modern businesses to improve customer experience, efficiency, and reduce service costs.

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