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What is Vectera?

Vectera is a video conferencing software, which allows its users to schedule and attend video conferences. It also allows them to whiteboard together on various projects. Vectera is an ideal solution for students, teachers, and business owners of any kind. It allows you to connect with up to 6 people at the same time.

How can you use it?

The main feature of Vectera allows users to connect online via video conferences.

You can take advantage of this in various scenarios, such as business meetings, last-minute meetings, teaching classes, or even face to face calls with customers to provide them with support. This allows you to increase your workflow even when you’re working remotely and need to collaborate with colleagues and clients.


  • Schedule meetings directly from tickets
  • Save time by preventing switching between different tools
  • Keep up to speed with your meeting calendar with LiveAgent’s tickets


What is Vectera?

Vectera is a platform where you can schedule and ultimately meet your clients through a video call.   

What are the benefits of using Vectera?

- no need for installation

- free LiveAgent integration

- stable video meetings

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