Adobe Business Catalyst

How To Integrate Adobe Business Catalyst With LiveAgent

To place a LiveAgent live chat button on your Adobe Business Catalyst site, simply follow the integration guide below, or watch the provided YouTube video.

  • The first step is to create and customize a new chat button in your LiveAgent panel. Copy it’s HTML code (Ctrl+C) to clipboard.
  • Go to your Adobe Business Catalyst dashboard panel and navigate to Site Manager and click on Pages. At the bottom right corner select Edit. Now click on HTML and scroll to the bottom of the page. Paste the live chat HTML code right above the </body> line.
  • Go to your webpage, refresh it and your chat button is ready.

Why Adobe Business Catalyst?

Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one business website and online marketing solution, built for web designers. Using this platform and without back-end coding, you can build everything from amazing websites to powerful online stores, beautiful brochure-ware sites to lead generation mini-sites.

How can you use it?

LiveAgen’ts Adobe Business Catalyst integration enables you to place a live chat button on your Adobe Business Catalyst website.

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