What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a large, open-source customer relationship management software with sales automation, marketing campaign, customer support, and collaboration capabilities.

The code of this application is available to any user, developer which means you can customize your workflow if you have the means and skills. 

How can you use it?

Notifications about news or updates regarding customers, contacts, fields, tasks, modules, cases, leads, entries or opportunities won’t run past you with this integration. You can also create or update these information or fields by yourself from your dashboard.


  • Customer relationship management from one software
  • Notifications to keep you updated
  • A number of actions you can do from your dashboard
  • Increase in workflow
  • Saves time, no switching between apps

How to integrate SugarCRM with LiveAgent via Zapier

SugarCRM can be integrated with LiveAgent via Zapier via a trigger and action system called Zap. You can create many integrations from the options available at the site.

If you don’t have a Zapier account, create one here. Then proceed to the LiveAgent + SugarCRM Integrations site. 

LiveAgent and SugarCRM integration on Zapier
LiveAgent + SugarCRM

Scroll down until you see the Connect LiveAgent + SugarCRM in minutes section. You can pick your trigger and action here. Take a look at the list of possible integrations and consider what you want your integration to do. 

We’re going to show you a connection with SugarCRM trigger New Task and LiveAgent action Create Conversation. When you’re done picking your trigger and action, click on the blue continue button.

SugarCRM trigger New Task and LiveAgent action New Conversation
Selected trigger and action

The first step is to set up your trigger. Log into SugarCRM via Zapier and provide data access. You can also test your trigger first to see if it works. 

SugerCRM trigger setup in Zapier integration
Set up the trigger

The second step is LiveAgent action configuration. In our case, we need to fill out details such as the recipient’s and sender’s email addresses, message subject, and other information.

LiveAgent action setup in Zapier integration
Set up the action

Now do one final test of the integration and you’re done. Now every time you create a new task in SugarCRM, your agents will get a message informing them about it. 

New Task has been created in SugarCRM
New Task in SugarCRM
A ticket that arrived into LiveAgent after successful integration with SugarCRM
A ticket about a new task

Feel free to create more integrations for various purposes at Zapier

Frequently asked questions

What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management that allows your company to automate sales and marketing processes since 2004. 

How can you utilize SugarCRM integration inside LiveAgent?

You get notifications about any changes/updates, have all in one platform, updated customer information from LiveAgent.

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