Zoho Mail

What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail is an email service provider that’s primarily used by businesses to handle customer emails. It’s used for sending and receiving emails, managing them, and connecting with other Zoho apps. It also supports automation options.

How can you use it?

You can connect Zoho Mail, Gmail, Outlook, or inboxes from other providers into one place. Having agent email accounts in one ticketing system can do wonders for agent productivity. It can improve customer interactions and increase customer satisfaction. 

Know about everything that’s happening from your dashboard. You can also create drafts or send messages, create tags, and tasks, and more. Your agents can handle mails from multiple accounts in your ticketing system. That way you don’t have to switch between multiple tabs with different providers to keep track of events and customer tickets. This is one of the best ways to utilize helpdesk ticketing software

You can also utilize and take advantage of more integrations and features to improve your workflow. Have a look at the list of all available LiveAgent integrations or check out the capabilities of our tools such as live chat, knowledge base, or call center. 

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What are the benefits of integrating your email with LiveAgent?

  • Send and receive customer support tickets in LiveAgent 
  • No need to switch between apps
  • Chat software, automation tools, and popular integrations in your dashboard
  • All email accounts in one place

How to integrate Zoho Mail with LiveAgent

The simplest way to fetch emails from Zoho is to integrate your shared Zoho Mail email address with LiveAgent. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Log in to LiveAgent and go to Configuration > Email > Mail Accounts. Click on the orange Add email account button at the top. 
Mail accounts connection
Select email provider
  • Select an email provider that you use for your Zoho Mail. If you don’t see your provider, select Other. Select the department into which you want to route all incoming Zoho emails. If you selected other email providers, you have the option to choose between Forwarding and IMAP or POP3. Complete the process and don’t forget to click Save.
Choose between Forwarding and IMAP or POP3 for your Zoho Mail integration
Forward or IMAP/POP3

That’s it! Your Zoho Mail account should be connected with LiveAgent and you should start receiving your emails into your ticketing system.

How to integrate Zoho Mail with LiveAgent via Zapier

You can use Zapier to integrate Zoho Mail with LiveAgent. Make sure you have a Zapier account and you can get started.

LiveAgent and Zoho Mail integration page on Zapier
LiveAgent + Zoho Mail
  • Go to the LiveAgent + Zoho Mail Integrations page, scroll down and choose a trigger and an action. Selecting an action and a trigger will connect LiveAgent with Zoho and create a unique integration that’s tailored to your business. There are multiple triggers and actions to choose from. Once you’ve selected your actions and triggers click on the blue connect button.
Selected New Email trigger for Zoho mail and Create Conversation action for LiveAgent
Selected trigger and action
  • Next, log in to your Zoho Mail account and allow Zapier to access your account. Last but not least, you’ll have to conduct a trigger test to check if the integration is working properly.
  • Because we picked an action “Create Conversation” we need to fill out the subject, message body, sender, and recipient email addresses, and as well a few non-required fields in case we want to specify the action a little more. The last step is the test of the integration. Zapier will perform the selected action activated by the trigger you picked.

Successful test means the integration works and you can activate it. Turn on the Zap if you’re satisfied with your custom integration.

Frequently asked questions

What is Zoho Mail integration in LiveAgent?

Zoho is a free email platform/service, and LiveAgent is a full helpdesk solution. By integrating Zoho with LiveAgent, you can automatically receive emails to your Universal inbox without switching between apps. 

What are the benefits of using Zoho Mail integration with LiveAgent?

You receive and send emails from one Universal inbox and get improved workflow efficiency.

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Connect Mail.ru with LiveAgent and get access to more communication features and channels to handle customer requests


Mail.ru is a Russian internet company and email service. It is one of the largest email providers in Russia and owns a number of popular websites. If you're looking to improve your email communication, you can integrate Mail.ru with the LiveAgent ticketing system for improved customer support. This will allow you to keep customer tickets organized and handle requests faster. The integration process is quick and easy to follow. LiveAgent's ticketing system supports multiple communication channels such as email, live chat, call center, customer portal, and social media.

Understand everything about email loops, what causes them and how to avoid them. Read on for comprehensive information about mail loops.

Mail loop

A mail loop is an indefinite exchange of messages caused by misconfigured servers or other factors. It can result in overflowing email inboxes, storage usage and communication system overloading. To prevent issues, ensure servers are configured correctly and set up tools to monitor and detect mail loops. Email headers can help identify and troubleshoot loops by tracing the message path and looking for patterns. RFC documents provide guidance on preventing mail loops. Looping emails waste resources and harm the efficiency of a company's communication system.

For agents, they act as a reminder about the ticket that they have generated, but yet needs to be solved. This helps them work better.

E-mail notification

Email notifications are messages sent to customers and support agents regarding updates on specific support tickets which can significantly improve communication in customer support. Email notifications serve as reminders for support agents regarding unresolved tickets while it provides a response to customer queries and updates throughout the ticket resolution process. Email notifications can come in the form of welcome emails, activity alerts, and password resets. In LiveAgent, different types of email notifications can be set as preferred by individual agents in their profiles.


ZSE, a leading energy company, switched to LiveAgent helpdesk software in 2014 to address their email chaos problem. The software helped distribute tickets to the right departments and staff, reducing customer response time. LiveAgent's user-friendly interface allowed for easy setup changes without requiring IT intervention. ZSE's customer support representatives recommend LiveAgent to other companies. The company also added a live chat button to their website, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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