What is Zadarma?

Zadarma is an affordable phone system provider. It’s internet-based and it offers plenty of features and tools to make phone center management and customer service a piece of cake for your agents. The base software is free of charge, a great time and money saver for call centers on a tight budget.

If you want to make sure Zadarma is available in your country or want to find out more details about rates, have a look at this list of phone number rates

How can you use it?

Use Zadarma to save time and make your customer support center even better with call center support. Call center and customer calls can be easily handled with LiveAgent’s omnichannel solution and ticketing system.

Save your agents’ time and amaze companies, businesses, or your customer with prompt call center support.


  • Free solution for your help desk call center
  • Saves time for your customer service teams
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Works well with LiveAgent help desk software call center

How to integrate Zadarma with LiveAgent?

Zadarma VoIP provider website with call option
Zadarma VoIP provider

LiveAgent directly supports Zadarma as a VoIP provider for your help desk software. To provide your agents and customers with call center support, simply open your LiveAgent and follow this guide.

First, go to Configuration > Call > Numbers

Click on the orange plus button to create a phone number for your help desk. 

LiveAgent call configuration with create phone number option
Add number

A new window with available VoIP providers will open up. Find Zadarma in the list and click on it to open up SIP number provider options.

You need to fill out the fields in this window. They include name, department, number, the option to record calls, and your username and password. 

Zadarma call setup options in LiveAgent
Zadarma call setup

You’re done and your Zadarma phone number is connected with your help desk software. You can make or answer calls from LiveAgent with Zadarma. 

New call from LiveAgent with Zadarma as a call service provider
Making a call from LiveAgent

Want to find out more about LiveAgent’s call center capabilities? Have a look at the video down below or check out our Call center feature page.

Youtube video: Call Center Software Demo | LiveAgent

Frequently asked questions

What is Zadarma?

Zadarma is a VoIP phone system provider. It can be used for call centers to make, answer and manage calls, provide support to your customers over the phone, and in general increasing customer interaction, satisfaction, and improving sales.

Can I integrate Zadarma with LiveAgent?

Certainly, Zadarma can be used as a VoIP provider for the LiveAgent call center feature. The integration process is simple and takes just a few minutes. Open your LiveAgent and go to the configuration. Open the call section and add a Zadarma phone number. Click Save.

Do I have to pay extra for integrating Zadarma with LiveAgent?

Zadarma integration is available for free in the All-Inclusive plan. If you have the plan and Zadarma plan, you don't have to pay extra to integrate the two apps. 

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