IceWarp Mail Server

What is IceWarp Mail Server?

IceWarp is a Mail Server and collaboration software. It features mail with custom domains, document editing capabilities, calendar sharing, instant messaging, and other collaboration tools. The solution works on Windows and Linux operating systems. It offers modules that can extend its capabilities for groupware, spam protection, and antivirus protection

How can you use IceWarp Mail Server?

IceWarp is a great collaboration solution. It’s suitable for businesses of any size because it can handle any number of users. Add as many as you need and collaborate, chat or manage documents with everyone. IceWarp Mail Server is a great email solution for many help desks. It can also be integrated with the LiveAgent help desk system for increased customer support capabilities and toolset.

LiveAgent ticketing software can help you manage emails and contact lists with ease. Further than that, it also lets you add a chat widget for your website, build a call center, or create a customer portal with a knowledge base for self-service. You can also add Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Viber for additional social media capabilities. 

That’s not everything, because each of these communication channels is supported by a variety of features that help you get through the day. Ticketing features include a hybrid ticketing stream, rules for creating useful automations, canned messages, predefined answers, and many others. Take a look at all of the ticketing features here and see more of what you get with LiveAgent ticketing software.

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What are the benefits of using IceWarp Mail Server?

  • Email server with custom domain
  • Collaborative editing capabilities
  • Shared calendar and documents
  • Handles any number of users

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How to integrate IceWarp Mail Server?

IceWarp Mail Server is easy to integrate with LiveAgent thanks to a simple connection in the LiveAgent configuration options. Follow the guide below and learn how to integrate the two apps within just a few minutes. 

IceWarp homepage with slogan and underpage options
IceWarp homepage
IceWarp website with installation section and download links
Install IceWarp
  • After you have enabled your IceWarp Mail Server email, open LiveAgent and click on Configuration > Email > Mail Accounts and then click the orange Create button. Several email providers will appear in the menu. You will need to select Other. Select IMAP/POP3 between the two options.
Selection between IMAP/POP3 and Forwarding in LiveAgent during IceWarp integration
Select IMAP/POP3
  • In the next section, you need to provide an email address, a username, and a password to your IceWarp account. Choose the method of fetching your emails (POP3 or IMAP) and enter server and port information. Save your changes after entering the information.
Icewarp details in LiveAgent integration configuration

The integration is finished. LiveAgent ticketing system will now fetch all of your email communication from the IceWarp Mail Server. In the meantime, you can have a look at our Academy page or features page to discover more about help desks, customer support, and LiveAgent capabilities.

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Enhance your customer support by integrating with IceWarp Mail Server using LiveAgent's seamless integration.

Frequently asked questions

What is IceWarp Mail Server?

IceWarp is a collaboration software and mail server. Aside from mail, the application provides document editing capabilities, calendar sharing, instant messaging, and collaboration features. In addition to its groupware capabilities, it offers spam protection modules as well as an antivirus protection module. Linux and Windows versions of the application are available.

How can you use IceWarp Mail Server?

Collaboration is made easy with IceWarp. Since it can handle any number of users, it is suitable for businesses of any size. All the members can collaborate, chat, or manage documents together. It can be used as a useful email solution for help desks. For enhanced customer support capabilities and toolset, it can also be integrated with LiveAgent help desk system.

What are benefits of IceWarp Mail Server integration?

The benefits are: email server with a custom domain, collaborative editing capabilities, shared calendar and documents, handles any number of users.

How to integrate IceWarp Mail Server with LiveAgent?

Go to LiveAgent and open Configuration > Email > Mail Accounts. Create a new email and select Other. Select IMAP/POP3, provide your details and click Save.

How do I change my IceWarp password?

In WebClient settings, go to Accounts (My details - Options). Click the Change password button. You will be asked to enter your old password once and then your new password twice (New Password, Confirm Password). Click on OK and you're finished.

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