Hybrid ticket stream

Tickets look the same regardless of the communication channel, i.e. Chat, E-mail, Voice, Feedback Forms, Twitter, Facebook messages, and others. Follow your customer through different channels but always stay in the same hybrid Ticket. Have all the important information about your customers and their issue available.

Never worry about missing out on an e-mail from your customer again. Every e-mail is automatically made into a Ticket that is assigned to the correct Department, and lastly to the support Agent.

Example of chatting and sending an email within the same hybrid Ticket:

The visitor started chatting with available Agent.

Chatting with visitorChatting with visitor

The visitor closed the chat.

Closed chatClosed chat

An agent is sending an email to the visitor.

Sending an emailSending an email

The email was sent from the same Ticket.

An email sent from the same ticketAn email sent from the same ticket

Although the communication with the Customer went through two different channels (chat and email) it still stays in the same hybrid Ticket under one ticket ID.

Possible communication channels

Customers and Agents can continue the conversation in the same Ticket via:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Contact form

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