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Google Contacts

What is Google Contacts

Google Contacts is a free service for storing and managing contacts, phone numbers, addresses and more.

How can you use it?

Get notified about new customers, groups or updates in LiveAgent. Create, update, find or add contacts to groups or create conversations with them.


  • Your contacts in one solution
  • Directly manage or communicate with customers from your dashboard


What are Google Contacts?

Google Contacts is a platform that allows you to store important contact information. It can be utilized for company customers/clients.  


How can you utilize Google Contacts inside LiveAgent?

Integrating Google Contacts with LiveAgent is a great way to have all of your contacts in one place, so you do not have to switch between these two platforms. Moreover, your customer service team can easily update the contact information, add new contacts, and even start chatting with them from LiveAgent. 

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