Gmail Integration

What is Gmail?

By now, probably everyone who uses the internet knows what Gmail is. A free email service developed by Google serves millions of users worldwide, and chances are, it’s also their primary email address. It’s popular due to its ease of use, intuitive user interface, and convenience of access from mobile devices. Gmail can connect to many other Google platforms and apps for easy access, but it can serve you well elsewhere too. In customer support or email marketing for example. Gmail also comes with a mobile app.

How can you use it?

Providing customer service via email is still one of the core ways how to do it, so email integration is vital. Integrating your Gmail account with LiveAgent is probably one of the first steps you will take after you start using LiveAgent help desk software. We provide you with a custom email address, but there is no reason to let all of your messages and contacts go to waste.

Providing customer support from one shared inbox can be difficult and frustrating. Furthermore, you can integrate more Gmail accounts, for example if you want to connect an extra agent email and provide better support. LiveAgent can transfer all of your messages into its ticketing system and turn them into tickets. You and your colleagues can then manage these tickets straight from your dashboard and keep better track of customer issues. Your email notification will show up in LiveAgent’s dashboard.


  • Integrate your data into one multi user dashboard
  • Free email integration, integrate all of your accounts
  • Keep better track of customer issues and provide better customer service
  • No more wasting time with one shared universal inbox

How to connect Gmail with LiveAgent

If you want to get rid of shared customer service inbox, follow this guide to integrate Gmail with LiveAgent. The process can be done in a matter of minutes and there is no coding experience required.

The first step is to open your LiveAgent and go to Configuration > Email > Mail Accounts. You can find the configuration section on the left side as the cogwheel icon. Click on the orange button ADD EMAIL ACCOUNT or the + button when in a smaller browser window.

Mail accounts connection
LiveAgent Mail Accounts configuration

A new window will appear, asking you to pick an email service. Pick Gmail. Now you can do a slight configuration change. You can pick a department to which the email will be assigned, you can decide if you want all previous emails from your inbox fetched into LiveAgent or if you want to set an alias for the Gmail email.

Add email account setting options
Add email account in LiveAgent

Click Save and a new window will open up asking you to choose a Gmail account you want to integrate. Click an email account connected to your browser or select another account. Click through the options in the window and when you’re finished you can see your Gmail account integrated in LiveAgent.

How to integrate Gmail with LiveAgent via Zapier

Explanation of LiveAgent and Gmail integration on Zapier
LiveAgent + Gmail integration on Zapier

Integrating your business Gmail via Zapier is a simple process. It can be used to create a custom integration when you need it. Zapier explains and leads you through every step during the process. If you don’t have a Zapier account, you can create it at this link. After you log in, open the LiveAgent + Gmail integration page and you’re ready to start.

Scroll down until you see Connect LiveAgent + Gmail in Minutes. In this section, you can select a trigger and an action. Trigger triggers an action. So, if something specific happens in your Gmail account, you can select what happens in your LiveAgent or vice versa. These triggers and actions can also work within a single application.

LiveAgent and Gmail trigger and action selection
Trigger and action selection

After you made your selection, click on the blue button Connect LiveAgent + Gmail. We are showcasing Trigger: New email with Action: Start a conversation.

LiveAgent and Gmail with trigger New Email and action Create Conversation
Trigger and Action example

This section is all about setting up your triggers and actions to make sure they work just the way you want them to. Zapier describes each field you need to fill out and that makes the process easier. You will need to connect your Gmail account and adjust your action settings.

Gmail trigger configuration in Zapier
Gmail trigger configuration

When you’re done, make sure to test the trigger and see if it works. If not, Zapier will offer a troubleshooting guide for you.

Gmail trigger test example
Gmail trigger test example

With your Gmail account tested and connected, it’s time to move on to LiveAgent and set up your action.

LiveAgent action configuration in Zapier
LiveAgent action configuration

LiveAgent requires more specific information about the desired action. These include selecting the affected department, message details, and more. Follow through with each of these steps. After you’re done, test the action and trigger and see if they work. You can see the results of your test in LiveAgent.

LiveAgent and Gmail successful test example
LiveAgent + Gmail integration test successful

That’s it. You can create other triggers and actions via Zapier and customize your LiveAgent and Gmail workflow to your liking.

Frequently asked questions

What is Gmail integration?

LiveAgent is a help desk software that enables you to connect platforms such as Gmail so you can deal with all your customer inquiries from one interface. Connect Gmail with LiveAgent and never miss out on your customers' emails again. 

How can you connect Gmail with LiveAgent?

Log in to your LiveAgent account > navigate to Configurations > click on Email - Mail Accounts. Add Email Account > fill in the details > Save > Connect.

What are the benefits of integrating Gmail with LiveAgent?

The benefits are: all data in one interface, free integration, improved customer service efficiency.

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