What is Linphone?

Linphone is a free softphone application. It can be used for direct calls and video calls, and it offers messaging capabilities for each user. The application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It receives regular updates and tweaks. Linphone has a friendly and innovative user interface and provides good call functionality for any use case.

How can you use Linphone?

You can use Linphone as your dedicated softphone application for the LiveAgent call center. Linphone is a free softphone which means you don’t have to pay extra for its softphone functionality. It’s very easy to integrate with LiveAgent, and can help you handle incoming customer calls effectively. It works with all call center features, such as IVR, automatic callback, unlimited call recordings, and more.

What are the benefits of Linphone?

  • It’s completely free
  • Easy setup and implementation
  • Easy integration process with LiveAgent
  • It’s available for every computer system

How to integrate Linphone with LiveAgent?

Integrating Linphone with LiveAgent takes just a couple of minutes to complete. However, you need to already have a VoIP number available to make calls possible. If you don’t have a VoIP number, choose a VoIP provider and pick a plan. Once you get your login details, you can add your call number in LiveAgent call configuration. Next, you need to have Linphone installed on your computer. You can download the app for free at this link. Once you do, all that’s necessary is to add your LiveAgent details into Linphone SIP configuration.

  • Go to LiveAgent and open Configuration > Call > Devices. Click on create a new phone and select SIP. Name the device and add the VoIP number you will be using in this integration. Once you create the SIP phone, you will see a window with your device information, which we will use in the next step.
How to integrate Linphone with LiveAgent? - App - Uploads - 2022 - 09 - Linphone Liveagent Devices.png
  • Now, open Linphone and go to your Account assistant. Select Use a SIP account and provide the username, password, and other details into the configuration. Once you save your changes, you’re done and can successfully receive calls from Linphone in your LiveAgent app.
How to integrate Linphone with LiveAgent? - App - Uploads - 2022 - 09 - Linphone Sip.png
How to integrate Linphone with LiveAgent? - App - Uploads - 2022 - 09 - Linphone Liveagent Integration.png

That’s it, your integration is finished, and you can now use your LiveAgent call center to receive customer calls and solve tickets over the phone.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Linphone?

Linphone is a free softphone software with calling and messaging capabilities. Since it's a free solution, there are no extra charges for any of the features and the software can be freely downloaded and used as a dedicated calling software for your call center.

How to integrate Linphone with LiveAgent?

You simply need to create a device in LiveAgent configuration and attach a VoIP number to it. Once you do, you will see your SIP device details that can be used in Linphone SIP configuration.

How can you use Linphone?

Linphone can be used as a dedicated softphone for your LiveAgent call center system. It's free, easy to integrate and it works very well with LiveAgent's call center features.

What are the benefits of Linphone?

Linphone is a free app with innovative interface and easy installation and implementation.

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