MCN Telecom

What is MCN Telecom?

MCN Telecom Group is a communication operator and a software product developer, which has been implementing large-scale projects since 2000. The company is currently developing its business in Europe. As an operator, the company is represented in four European countries, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and Austria. It has its own infrastructure, such as communication nodes, and necessary licenses in all countries of operation. An individual approach is practiced for better customer service.

MCN Telecom provides cloud-based solutions in a reliable, convenient and cost-efficient way.

It offers equal customer service opportunities regardless of the size of the business: a personal manager for each client, multilingual billing and technical support in five languages.

Individual customer approach

  • more than 30% of solutions are offered for 0€
  • connecting a Virtual PBX for three subscribers without a subscription fee
  • geographical and nomadic numbers are connected for free
  • a free trial period of 10 days is always available for new clients
  • personal manager during business hours for each client, regardless of the volume of services purchased
  • option of instant connection in one SIP trunk of an unlimited number of geographical and nomadic numbers in 5 countries: 50 major cities in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia. Activation of the service – 0€
  • subscribers can always count on the personal approach and technical support of a personal manager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • the solutions offer help reduce communication costs without losing quality and functionality

How can you use it?

LiveAgent and MCN Telecom are now partners, which made the ClickPhone integration easier than ever. LiveAgent does not charge any additional fees for connecting a MCN Telecom VoIP number with your call center.

If you are interested in connecting MCN Telecom with the LiveAgent call center, simply login to your LiveAgent account and follow the instructions.

1. Log in to your LiveAgent account

2. Navigate to Numbers

How can you use it?

3. Search for MCN Telecom

How can you use it?

4. Click on add

5. Insert required credentials

How can you use it?

Cost of integrating MCN Telecom:

MCN Telecom and LiveAgent are partners. Therefore, if you have a subscription with LiveAgent, the integration is free of charge. However, MCN Telecom charges for its services since the company operates separately.

Benefits of MCN Telecom

  • cost-effective
  • improved CX 
  • access in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia
  • high reliability

If you want to learn more about how call center software works, check out the video down below.

Youtube video: Call Center Software Demo | LiveAgent

Don't have LiveAgent yet?

No problem! LiveAgent offers a 14-day free trial where you can test the free MCN Telecom integration!

Frequently asked questions

What is MCN Telecom?

MCN Telecom Group is a communication operator and a software product developer represented in Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and Austria.

How can you implement a MCN Telecom VoIP number inside LiveAgent?

As we mentioned previously, MCN Telecom is already a part of LiveAgent. Simply log in and navigate to Configurations, click on Call > Numbers > MCN Telecom. Add the VoIP number and you are ready to use it right away. 

How much does it cost to integrate MCN Telecom with LiveAgent?

Integration is free of charge, if you have a LiveAgent account. MCN Telecom charges for its services.

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