What is Zoiper?

Zoiper is a softphone app that can be a great all-rounder application for calling. The feature set is different in each available plan. The free version offers essential but great functionality. The paid plan offers extra options such as HD calls and encryption. The third option is a custom solution where the user gets to pick the design and the available feature set.

How can you use Zoiper?

Zoiper is a reliable softphone application that can be used to handle customer calls. Even better, thanks to the easy implementation and integration with LiveAgent, you can use it as your main softphone app to cooperate with LiveAgent’s call center features. It works perfectly with LiveAgent’s call center and you can utilize it with features such as IVR, unlimited call recordings, internal calls and more. 

What are the benefits of Zoiper?

  • Fast implementation
  • Easy to integrate
  • Perfect functionality
  • Easy to use and navigate

How to integrate Zoiper with LiveAgent?

It’s easy. All you need to have to get started is download Zoiper, and have your VoIP service number already connected to LiveAgent. Once you get started with the setup of Zoiper, you need to create a new device in LiveAgent with your VoIP number. 

  • Go to Configuration > Call > Devices and create a new SIP phone. Include the number you from your VoIP service and name the phone however you like. Once you save this device, you will see a screen with your login information.
A picture showing where to find SIP device details in LiveAgent
  • Now, during the setup of Zoiper, you have the option to connect your VoIP account. Use the credential previous step. Provide the login information in this format user@host and then provide your password. 
A picture showing the setup of Zoiper softphone with the option to connect a VoIP service provider
  • That’s it, you successfully connected your Zoiper softphone with LiveAgent. You can now start receiving and handling customer calls in your LiveAgent call center. 
A picture showing an incoming call in a successfully integrated Zopier softphone with LiveAgent help desk software

Handle customer queries over phone with LiveAgent

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Frequently asked questions

What is Zoiper?

Zoiper is a softphone app that comes in a free version with essentials, and a paid version with additional features. Regardless of the chosen plan, Zoiper is easy to install, implement, and use by everyone. It offers a great and easy to use interface and reliable calling functionality.

How can you use Zoiper?

Zoiper can be used as the dedicated softphone app to power your LiveAgent call center. It works well with the LiveAgent call center feature set, and provides good quality that allows agents to easily handle incoming calls from customers.

What are the benefits of using Zoiper?

Zoiper is very easy to install and implement, making it one of the softphones with fastest implementation times. It’s also easy to use thanks to the beautiful interface and great configuration settings that allow you to tweak call quality.

How can you integrate Zoiper with LiveAgent?

Once you have your VoIP number, you can simply Create a new device in LiveAgent that will use the number. Then with the details provided, you only have to put the details as a new account in Zoiper to finish the integration.

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