What is an integration?

Integrate your site with other applications to expand your business. Choose from a wide range of apps, tools and plugins. Email marketing, billing management, CSM, CRM, project management, collaboration tools, migration tools. Everything you need to satisfy your customers.

See LiveAgent’s range of integrations, plugins and apps.

Frequently asked questions

What is integration?

Integration is the ability to connect different types of sites, applications, tools, and guidelines together. Thanks to integration, you can manage, for example, invoices, e-mail, social media marketing, CRM, cooperation and migration tools in one place. This allows for more efficient activities and improves the performance of digital solutions.


How does integration help?

Integration is extremely helpful especially in work that requires the use of many tools and plugins. Thanks to the integration, you do not have to switch between communication and management tools, you save time on relogging. In addition, the use of one interface helps to organize activities.


What are integrations in LiveAgent?

Integrations provided by LiveAgent allow you to connect many tools, such as: VoIP provider, business management tools, Google forms, order fulfillment tools, CRM, e-mail boxes, payment tools and planning tools. This enables the automation of tasks and also supports the efficiency of the customer service team.


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