What is a Whitelist? (Setup a Whitelisting IP address)

What is a whitelist?

The whitelist is used to allow logins from specified IP addresses or IP address ranges only. Depending on your company security policies, you can restrict users such as agents, admins and owners to log on to the Agent Panel only from the company IP address.

A whitelist is a direct opposite of a blacklist, also called a deny list. As opposed to a blacklist address, whitelisting grants access to a site. You can blacklist email addresses, IPs, usernames, etc. When you blacklist someone, they won’t be able to get access to the site.

In LiveAgent, you can setup Whitelisting IP addresses in Configuration>General

Examples of supported values: exact match (e.g., wildcard notation (e.g. *.*.*.*), range (e.g., range defined in form of subnet mask (e.g.

Agent panel whitelisting
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