What is a Whitelist?

What is a whitelist?

The whitelist is used to allow logins from specified IP addresses or IP address ranges only. Depending on your company security policies, you can restrict users such as agents, admins and owners to log on to the Agent Panel only from the company IP address.

A whitelist is a direct opposite of a blacklist, also called a deny list. As opposed to a blacklist address, whitelisting grants access to a site. You can blacklist email addresses, IPs, usernames, etc. When you blacklist someone, they won’t be able to get access to the site.

In LiveAgent, you can setup Whitelisting IP addresses in Configuration>General

Examples of supported values: exact match (e.g., wildcard notation (e.g. *.*.*.*), range (e.g., range defined in form of subnet mask (e.g.

Agent panel whitelisting

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LiveAgent does provide the functionality of IP whitelisting and blacklisting. This advanced security feature enables you to allow or restrict access to your LiveAgent account based on a list of IPs or IP ranges you define in the settings. With IP whitelisting, only users with approved IP addresses can access your LiveAgent account, while IP blacklisting prevents access from specific or potentially malicious IP addresses. This added layer of security helps protect your account and customer data from unauthorized users, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your team and customers.

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Expert note

A whitelist is a security tool used to allow login access only from specified IP addresses or ranges, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

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Andrej Saxon
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Customer lists

The TEXT provides a list of 48 checklists for business needs such as call center, customer service, HR, marketing, and SEO, designed to help businesses organize workflows efficiently. Customer information is explained as data collected by companies to improve customer support and stored in a database like LiveAgent. The customer service checklist outlines steps for excellent customer service and LiveAgent offers resources to improve customer information management. The TEXT also includes information about LiveAgent's demo, pricing, features, integrations, and support.

For agents, they act as a reminder about the ticket that they have generated, but yet needs to be solved. This helps them work better.

E-mail notification

Email notifications are messages sent to customers and support agents regarding updates on specific support tickets which can significantly improve communication in customer support. Email notifications serve as reminders for support agents regarding unresolved tickets while it provides a response to customer queries and updates throughout the ticket resolution process. Email notifications can come in the form of welcome emails, activity alerts, and password resets. In LiveAgent, different types of email notifications can be set as preferred by individual agents in their profiles.

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Call tagging is a feature that allows for labels to be put on phone calls based on context, making it easier to categorize customer interactions. It is important for businesses as it allows for more streamlined contact center processes, call analysis, trend identification, and personalized customer service. Using call tagging can also help identify dissatisfied customers and improve the overall customer experience. Common tags include technical support, sales, and complaints. Creating custom tags depends on the software used. In call center operations, tagging is important for staying organized and being able to navigate a high volume of calls.

Manage and view information about your customers, e.g., language preferences or any customer data captured in LiveAgent's custom Contact fields.


Help desk contacts store essential information about customers including name, email, phone number and personal information. Custom contact fields can be created to store specific information. Through LiveAgent’s contacts feature, information such as gender, job position, IP address and browser information can be stored. Building customer profiles with the help desk contacts feature can lead to better customer service, more personalized service and improved customer satisfaction. LiveAgent is a highly recommended solution for managing customer support requests via different channels.

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