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Bulk import

What is a bulk import?

Bulk import tool adds many users to the system faster and easier. Use it to add new users or update existing users or organizations. Prepare a comma separated values – CSV file which will include all necessary user’s or organization’s data.

Frequently asked questions

What does a bulk import mean?

Bulk Import is a faster method of importing data volumes. It is usually used for large amounts of data that require more elaborate methods to transfer.

What's the role of bulk import?

Bulk import allows you to add multiple users at once. This saves you from having to add users one by one. In addition to basic customer data (phone, email), you can also import more detailed data that is available to you.

How to proceed a bulk import in LiveAgent?

To perform a bulk import in LiveAgent, you need to prepare a CSV file in which the values will be separated by commas. This should include all the necessary user or organization data. This tool makes it faster and easier to add multiple users to the system.

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