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Agent role

What is an agent role?

When a new agent is added to a LiveAgent, it is necessary to define his role. Agent’s role represent and determine agent’s possibilities and responsibilities in a help desk. There is an option to choose between two roles in a LiveAgent. With an admin role, agent is able to control and manage a system settings. With an agent role, agents can answer tickets and solve a customer issues, but they can not supervise the system. It is more organized and clear by creating an agent’s role.

LiveAgent's agent role
Agent role in LiveAgent

Frequently asked questions

What does an agent role mean?

An agent is someone who is part of the customer support team. He is the one who takes care of the clients and provides them with the support service. The agent's tasks include supporting the customer in solving his problem by: answering phone calls and messages, or chatting. Agents who act as administrators have access to reports and can manage other users. Agents can also act as an owner in LiveAgent and then have access to business information and invoices.

What competencies does an agent role include?

The agent is the most important element of the company's customer service. They have the skills needed to provide the best customer service. The agent supports and solves problems, and if it acts as an administrator, it can supervise and configure the system. The agent should have excellent knowledge of the issues related to the company that may be of interest to the client (in the area of ​​products, services, sales, marketing, etc.).

How to assign agent roles in LiveAgent?

To assign a role to agents in LiveAgent you need to: 1. go to the Configuration tab and then select the Agents option. 2. Then you click Create Agent - here you also have to name him, specify e-mail address and gender. 3. you choose a role - here you give the agent a role: agent, administrator or owner.

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