Live support

What is live support?

Live support is a method of providing a customer service. It is created to provide information, support and help. It allows customers and visitors to communicate with a company’s customer service team through live chat.

Customers can click on the live chat button placed on company’s website and they can start communication. Live support always requires a special software or applications. Except a live chat windows, these applications also offer a invisible traffic analysis, secure administration controls and much more.

Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of live support?

Live support is a technology that allows companies to interact with users who visit an organization's multimedia resources. Most often it is a live chat that is available on the company's website. In most cases, it is very advantageous for a chat to appear on most of the pages of a website.


Does your company need live support?

If you want your company to count on the market and also see increases in profits, live support is needed. Today's consumers demand almost immediate support from businesses. Live support is of great importance in increasing conversions. It allows you to reduce the number of cancellations and abandoned carts.


Does LiveAgent enable live support?

LiveAgent enables live support. First of all, it is possible through live chat, which enables real-time communication. It allows for proper configuration and the ability to adapt the chat to the view. In addition, the client can transfer files, so he can better visualize his problem.


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