Ticket watcher

What is a ticket watcher?

Often, you want to see the progress of a Ticket, even though it might be assigned to a specific agent or a department. This can happen in numerous situations e.g. the ticket was created by a VIP customer or is being answered by a new hire and you simply want to keep an eye on an opened ticket.

LiveAgent automated ticket distribution

Frequently asked questions

What does ticket watcher mean?

Ticket watcher is a person who tracks the progress of a specific ticket but is not responsible for it. He receives a notification when an update occurs, such as a ticket reply or status change.


Why should you use a ticket watcher?

Ticket watcher is worth using when a ticket has been created, for example, by a VIP client, or you need to check whether the new employee is doing well with the tickets or you just need to have control over a specific ticket.


Does LiveAgent provide the ticket watcher option?

LiveAgent provides a ticket watcher option. A given ticket can be linked to the view of a specific agent or the entire department.


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