Customer interaction

What is a Customer interaction?

The interaction between the company and the customer starts when the latter raises the ticket. The recorded conversations whether through call, chat, tweet, or email between the customer and the company prior to resolving the ticket are equivalent to the number of client interactions stated on a ticket.

A ticket is preferably supposed to be resolved after the initial communication between the client and the company to offer utmost customer satisfaction. 

Frequently asked questions

What does customer interaction mean?

Interaction with the client is a relationship with the client, which aims to satisfy their needs and meet their expectations. However, it should not only end there, but should also be carried out in a way that will build a long-term relationship with the client.

What are the examples of customer interaction?

There may be as many examples of interaction with clients as there are clients and their individual cases. General examples are: phone call, reply to comments on social media, contact by email. As a result of these interactions, it is possible to build an emotional relationship with the client, use feedback from clients and focus primarily on the client's needs. Other interesting examples are the use of artificial intelligence that can support action. It is also extremely important to use honest human language.

Are customer interaction stored in LiveAgent?

Interactions with clients are stored in LiveAgent for agents to be able to use when needed. LiveAgent uses mobile applications, hybrid ticket streams, and automation rules to assist with automatic ticket distribution.

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