About Us

We are a software development company established in 2004. Ever since the inception, our focus was on developing B2B apps, which could help and transform the businesses of our clients.

One day we figured out that we needed to improve communication workflow with our customers. That's how LiveAgent was born.

Meet the family


Brains of this idea.

  • Andrej Harsani

  • Viktor Zeman


Making it possible.

  • Michal Bebjak

  • Milos Jancovic

  • Ondrej Pok

  • Jan Perdoch

  • Jakub Zernovic

  • Matej Kendera

  • Lubos Hozzan

  • Rasto Kostrab

  • Karoly Belokostolsky

  • Milan Pizem

  • Martin Nagl

  • Martin Civan

  • Daniela Bebjakova

  • Filip Agh

  • Martin Stepanek

  • Jakub Bartak

  • Vlado Luza

  • Katarina Lukackova

  • Matus Svihra

  • Jan Szaszi

  • Maroš Cerva

  • David Molnar

Customer Success

Making it easy.

  • Jozef Stofira

  • Martin Slastan

  • Martin Svitek

  • Martin Pullmann

  • Matus Prastiak

  • Janka Kavulicova

  • Jakub Pales

  • Magdalena Hlohovska

  • Sebastian Slusnik

  • Jan Prostejovsky


Spreading the word.

  • Matej Kukucka

  • Andrej Csizmadia

  • Michal Kouril

  • Sona Pisova

  • Nikoleta Vajdova

  • Michaela Piesyk

  • Zuzana Hanajikova

  • Robert Hegedus

  • Alexander Sipka


Making it count.

  • Andrej Saxon

  • John Gordon Hilley

  • Tomas Varga

  • Michaela Gombarova

  • Beata Juricova

  • Laura Luongova

Our offices

We currently have 3 offices across the globe. 

New York

You will be in good hands!

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha, O2 and Oxford University have in common? You guessed right... LiveAgent!

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