Resolved ticket

What is a resolved ticket?

Ticket is considered resolved either when a customer or an agent hits the Resolve button. Alternatively, ticket can get resolved automatically by a rule or after some time of inactivity.

The resolved ticket is usually the last state of the ticket lifecycle. If a ticket is resolved, it can be re-opened again depending on the situation.

Frequently asked questions

What is a resolved ticket?

A resolved ticket is a ticket from a customer that has already been resolved. This is the penultimate stage in the ticket life cycle. After that, the ticket ends.


Who can resolve tickets in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent, any agent can consider submissions. If the agent has the lowest system privileges, it can only resolve its tickets, while if it is the administrator or the owner, it has access to all tickets. 


Where can you find resolved tickets in LiveAgent?

Resolved tickets can be found in the Tickets tab in the LiveAgent panel. Here you can find all reports, regardless of status.


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