Closed ticket

What is a Closed ticket?

The final ticket status is usually dubbed ‘closed.’ Best practice in the industry requires that the customer and not the agent be the one to close the ticket after the latter changes the ticket status to ‘Resolved’ indicating that the requester concurs with the solution. If the client does not concur, he/she can just respond to the ticket and it will be taken out of the ‘Resolved’ stack.

Frequently asked questions

How to define a closed ticket?

A closed ticket is the final status of the ticket. Granting the status "closed" should follow the status "solution". The "closed" status means that the client agrees with the solution and the agent considers the matter closed.

Does LiveAgent automatically close a ticket?

LiveAgent allows automatic closing of tickets. If you want to set this option, you need to select a rule to specify when a specific ticket should be closed. When the system knows to close the ticket, it will do so automatically.

How to access a list of closed tickets?

If you want to access your closed tickets, you must enter LiveAgent and select your tickets. There you can find a closed ticket category as well as filter and search other ticket categories.

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