Pending ticket

What is a pending ticket?

Marking a ticket as pending is a way of signaling that more time is needed for it to be resolved. When a ticket is marked as Pending, its SLA timer is paused. This provides the agent responsible for this ticket with more time to find a solution.

It is not necessary for a ticket to be marked as Pending during its lifecycle, as it may be solved immediately and therefore marked directly as Resolved.

Frequently asked questions

What does a pending ticket mean?

A pending ticket is a ticket that the agent takes more time to resolve or needs additional information to resolve a customer's problem. This is most often the second stage in the ticket's life cycle.

Do you need to mark all tickets as pending?

Not every ticket has to be marked as pending. If the agent can provide a quick response then the ticket does not need to go through a pending status. This marking is useful for agents who have a lot of tickets and indicates that the customer is still waiting for support in this ticket.

Where can you check a list of pending tickets in LiveAgent?

You can check the waiting list of tickets in the tickets section next to all tickets. You can also filter the list accordingly to show you only pending tickets.

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