Restricted help center

What is a restricted help center?

Restricted help center restricts customer to be logged in in order to submit or reply to tickets. By restricting your help center, you can avoid spammy or duplicate tickets and increase performance and efficiency. On the other hand, not restricting your help center will help you stay “closer” and more open to your customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is a restricted help center?

Restricted Help Center restricts customer login to submit and respond to tickets. This allows you to avoid spamming and duplicate notifications. This increases efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the types of restricted help center?

The Restricted Help Center may limit the communication channels a customer can contact. In addition, it may limit the number of submissions that one person can submit.

Does LiveAgent offer a restricted help center feature?

LiveAgent offers a limited help center feature. This has its advantages, as it allows you to avoid spam and double submissions, but unfortunately also increases the distance between the customer and the brand.

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