Agent ticket scope

What is an agent ticket scope?

Usually, in smaller companies, every agent is able to see all information. In big corporations, on the other hand, there is much secret information. Agent ticket scope helps to define, what tickets and information agents are able to see. Every agent is assigned to a ticket scope with different accesses. Another part of the agent ticket scope is the actions an agent can take within the system. Some agents can, for example, perform bulk imports and read all the internal notes, whereas others can only view ticket updates. Admins can define to which departments an agent will have access.

Frequently asked questions

What is an agent ticket scope?

The scope of the ticket determines which ticket an agent can see. If the business is small, the agent usually sees all the information. The opposite is true in large enterprises where some information is rather confidential. By using the Ticket Coverage Tool, you can define what information and tickets your agents can see. Agents have different request scopes with different accesses, and thanks to this functionality, you can overview what this scope is. The administrator decides which departments the agent has access to.

How to check agent ticket scope in LiveAgent?

The agent's ticket range can be checked by the administrator or the owner (even if they are not added to a given department) by going to ‘Configurations’ and then clicking ‘Departments’.

How to set agent ticket scope in LiveAgent?

To set the scope of agent tickets, go to the ‘Configuration’ tab and then click on ‘Departments’ or directly in the ‘Edit Agent’ window after clicking Ticket, Chats, Connections. Users with ‘agents’ authority can view and respond to requests only from the department to which they have been added. Administrators can see the entire department even if they are not added to them. Similarly the owners, with the difference that they also have the option to directly start a chat or call in a department they do not belong to.

What is the scope of ticketing system?

The scope of ticketing system is to provide a system that allows an organization to track and manage customer support requests.

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