Ticket lifecycle

What is a ticket lifecycle?

A ticket can go through various phases throughout its lifecycle. Typically when a ticket first comes in, its status is New. Once an agent answers the ticket, its status is changed to Answered. If a customer replies back to the same ticket, its status is changed to Open. After that, an agent can either answer the ticket again (and same process continues) or simply resolve the ticket and the status will be changed to Resolved.

Optionally throughout the ticket lifecycle, ticket can be Postponed until later, Marked as Spam, Deleted or Purged.

All actions associated with a ticket are marked with a timestamp in the ticket thread. Keeping track of these timestamps can be very useful, especially if you need to access your online ticket history. This is why it is important to choose a ticket support software that offers detailed ticket tracking and reporting.

LiveAgent's ticket phases

Frequently asked questions

How do you define a ticket lifecycle?

The ticket life cycle is all the phases through which every ticket that goes to customer service goes. When the ticket appears for the first time, it receives the status "New", and the following life cycle stages are "Open", "Answered", "Resolved" and "Postponed". 


Why should you analyze tickets’ lifecycle?

The analysis of the ticket life cycle makes it possible to determine which type of tickets appear most often, whether they are difficult to solve or give the possibility of a quick response.


Can you check a ticket lifecycle in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent you can check the life cycle of tickets. All actions related to a specific ticket are marked with a time stamp next to each ticket.


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Expert note

Proper management of ticket lifecycle ensures timely and satisfactory resolutions for customers. Choose ticket support software with detailed tracking and reporting.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
A ticket management system is a piece of software that organizes all customer queries into a single centralized inbox called a universal inbox.

Ticket management system

A ticket management system is software used by customer support representatives to manage and store various customer queries from multiple channels. It streamlines all customer messages from social media, live chat, email, phone, and customer portals. A ticket management system must have features such as a single, centralized inbox, hybrid ticket stream, ticket splitting and merging, departments, tags, ticket routing, automation, data analytics and reporting, private notes, responsibilities/assignments, gamification, omnichannel support, SLA compliance, built-in CRM, internal chats and calls, and third-party integrations. Ticket management systems are used by customer support agents, IT staff, marketers, and sales representatives. Using Gmail or Outlook for ticket management may result in lost or forgotten tickets, duplicate answers, and difficulty in organization, search, and overview. Ticket management systems solve problems by improving slow response times, reducing churn, improving productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Ticket system is a shared inbox for all tasks from your customers. All messages will automatically transform into the same ticket.

Ticket system

A ticket system is a common inbox for all customer tasks, with messages automatically converted into tickets. Key features include multi-channel availability, personalization, automation, personalized ticket pages, categories and tags, and the ability to build a knowledge base. LiveAgent is a ticketing system that automatically tracks and converts all customer problems into tickets. Ticket management systems streamline customer messages from multiple channels and must have features such as centralized inbox, ticket routing, and data analytics. Ticketing systems help improve response times, reduce churn, and increase productivity and satisfaction. An open source ticketing system is cost-effective compared to proprietary systems.

Read about the resolved ticket status. Understand customer support concepts in-depth with simple explanations from professionals.

Resolved ticket

LiveAgent is a customer service software solution that provides several features, including a complaint management system, email management software, self-service software, and an inbound call center software. It also offers client portal software and a help desk software for startups. With its typing test costs calculator, LiveAgent provides a pricing model that helps businesses estimate their expenditures. The company offers a free trial, and support includes a support portal and data migration. LiveAgent's sales contacts and social media accounts are available for users to stay up-to-date with the latest news and discounts. The company also provides GDPR-compliant policies and security measures.

Customer support wouldn't work without a great ticketing system to help you organize all communication. LiveAgent's ticketing is simply reliable.


A ticketing system is a tool that organizes and manages customer service requests to improve efficiency, prioritize tickets, and provide real data insights. Features of LiveAgent ticketing software include a universal inbox, hybrid ticket streams, clickable ticket IDs, CRM integration, agent collision detection, automated ticket distribution, SLA management, tags and filtering, private notes, ticket splitting and merging, internal chat and call, automation rules, reporting, and gamification. LiveAgent can connect with various communication channels to generate support tickets automatically. Customer testimonials praise LiveAgent for its ease of use, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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