Attended transfer

What is an Attended transfer?

In the telecommunications vocabulary, attended transfer means that the call can be transferred to another user that is able to pick up the call. In LiveAgent, attended transfer waits until it is picked up, rejected or simply not unswered. Then the call is transferred to a second agent.

Frequently asked questions

What is an attended transfer?

Attended transfer is one that waits during incoming calls to end a call until it is answered, rejected or missed by another agent. Your agents don't have to make your customers wait unnecessarily. The caller is suspended and the connection is established with the agent. If the agent fails to answer, the call is returned to the previous agent.

How to issue an attended transfer

If you want to start a supervised transfer during a conversation with a client, you can start it by selecting a connection with another agent. The new connection is then active and the first is placed on hold.

Who can assist or serve an attended transfer?

Attended transfer can be handled by any agent connected to LiveAgent. This is a function that enables more effective customer service and higher productivity.

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