Attended transfer

What is an Attended transfer?

It is a commonly used telecommunications term. It describes a type of phone transfer that puts the caller on hold while a customer support rep communicates with the transfer recipient – another agent. If a transfer destination isn’t available, the initial caller is forwarded to another transfer recipient while still having the caller on the line.

The goal of this type of transfer is to avoid forwarding the original caller to an unavailable customer support agent while keeping transfer waits at a minimum. You can even fill the other agent in on any important information about the customer, ticket, or customer’s inquiry.

In LiveAgent, the attended transfer option waits until it is picked up, rejected, or simply not answered. If that is the case, the call is transferred to another agent.

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Benefits of an attended transfer

  • Lower abandonment rate – If a customer doesn’t reach the desired agent or department on the first try, or they contact an unavailable representative, they might leave and not come back. This transfer method allows you to forward them right to the person they need to talk to.
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels – When clients don’t have to spend time on hold just to get forwarded around results in a frustrated caller. With the attended transfer method, the waiting times are reduced and the chances of reaching an informed person that can help them resolve their issues are much higher.
  • Increased productivity – When agents can get valuable details before picking up a forwarded call, they can improve their call resolution rates. Moreover, keeping the customer on the line while communicating with other agents is an effective way of reducing agents’ idle time.
  • Lower average handle time – Forwarding incoming calls to available and well-informed agents can significantly reduce the average handle time in your contact center.

Frequently asked questions

What is an attended transfer?

This transfer method waits during incoming calls to end a call until it is answered, rejected or missed by the transfer recipient. Your agents don't have to make your customers wait unnecessarily. The caller is suspended and the connection is established with the agent. If the agent fails to answer, the call is returned to the previous agent.

How to issue an attended transfer?

If you want to start the transfer process during a conversation with a client, start by selecting a connection with another agent while keeping the caller suspended. The new connection is then active and the first is placed on hold.

Who can assist or serve an attended transfer?

In LiveAgent, an attended transfer can be handled by any agent connected to the system. This is a function that enables more effective customer service and higher productivity.

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