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Average handle time (AHT)

What is an average handle time?

Average handle time is the average time that customer representatives spend on all activities. It includes call time, hold time, chats and solving customer issues. It has to be as low as possible. Time is money, so it is necessary to track this time. It shows how many time is needed to solve issues and which questions are costing agents the most time. You can track average speed to answer, service level and more. It helps to improve a customer service.

LiveAgent's average handle time

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Frequently asked questions

What does AHT mean?

AHT, or average service time, is one of the most frequently measured indicators in call centers. AHT indicates the average duration of customer interactions. Call is measured from the initiation of the call by the client throughout the call until the end of the call.

What is a good Average Handle Time?

A good average handling time should be both. Good quality and fast. Call Center magazine calculated the global AHT standard. It was 6 minutes and 3 seconds. However, all this depends on the industry in which customer service relates.

How to check AHT in LiveAgent?

You can check the AHT in LiveAgent in the Time report. There you can check both the service times of individual tickets and the average time of handling all tickets.

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