Сall handling time

What is call handling time?

Call handling time – typically referred to as average call handling time or average handle time (AHT) – is a key call center metric that is used to measure call center productivity, operational efficiencies, and agent performance. It shows the average duration of the customer interaction in a call center starting from the time a call is initiated to when the call is terminated. It includes call hold times, call transfers, and call wrap-up time. In most cases, improving AHT means improving customer satisfaction.

Calculating average call handling time

To calculate average call handling time, sum up total talk time, total hold time, total call wrap-up time and divide the result by the total number of calls handled.

  • talk time (the time call center agents are speaking to customers)
  • hold time (the time customers are put on hold during the phone call)
  • wrap-up time (the time spent by agents doing any necessary follow-up tasks to complete a customer interaction)

The AHT formula looks something like this:

AHT = (total talk time + total hold time + total wrap-up time) / total calls handled

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Wrap-up time (also known as wrap time or after-call work time) might be hard to evaluate as after-call tasks may vary depending on what the call center typically handles. That may include data entry, scheduling follow-ups, sending feedback forms, etc.

Calculating AHT helps with determining agent utilization so you can better allocate your resources, reward agents, or provide further training.

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Frequently asked questions

What is handling time in a call center?

Call handling time, mostly known as average handle time (AHT), is one of the key call center performance metrics tracked in contact centers to measure agent efficiency. It shows the average duration of customer interactions from call initiation to talk time, hold time, call transfers, and after-call work time.

How do you calculate call handling time?

Average handling time is the sum of total talk time, total hold time, and wrap-up time divided by the total number of calls handled.

How can call centers reduce call handling time?

Providing agents with the right call center tools and allowing easy access to knowledge resources can help reduce call handling time. Firstly, with a comprehensive knowledge base, customers can find answers to the most common customer questions on their own. Secondly, an internal knowledge base is an essential component of agent training and a valuable resource that can help agents resolve issues faster and thus reduce AHT and improve customer experience.

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