Phone ticketing

What is phone ticketing?

Every phone call from a customer to helpdesk is archived in a form of ticket. The ticket contains information about the caller, the agent and the conversation between them. When another call concerning the same topic is made, information about it is added to the previous ticket.

Ticketing is important for keeping track of all the actions. Not only phone calls, but also emails and other means of communication are turned into tickets. This helps to maintain unity and order among all channels.

Frequently asked questions

What is phone ticketing?

Telephone calls made to the helpdesk by customers are archived in the form of tickets. It contains information about the calling user, the agent that handles the case, and the conversation between them.

How can you use phone ticketing?

Telephone tickets allow you to collect information about customers, collecting stories about communication between the customer and the company. Thanks to this, you have unity and order in communication on all channels.

Can you use phone ticketing via LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers the option of telephone tickets. Thanks to the software, you can use the phones at a higher level and thus develop the level of customer service.

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