Helpdesk software on premise

What is a helpdesk software on premise?

Help desk software on-premise offers you the infrastructure in place, as opposed to cloud ticketing systems. The main difference between the two is that you need to install and host the on-premise software on your own servers. It is possible to add some new features or change the existing ones. This is often the ticket system IT companies use due to its flexibility and data security. All your data is controlled and secured. Help desk software on-premise saves your time, and money and improves processes in your organization.

Frequently asked questions

What does helpdesk software on premise mean?

Local support software provides the infrastructure. Just install them and you can host them on your servers. Importantly, it offers flexibility, so you can configure various things you need, you can add new functions or make changes to existing ones. Data is controlled and secured. 

Do businesses need helpdesk software on premise?

Local support software gives you complete control. Helpdesk software on premise provides this control, so it is worth using it in your activities. It allows for greater security, saves time and money, and also improves processes in the organization. Therefore, it will be perfect for businesses and will improve the operations of your company.

What are the basic features of helpdesk software on premise?

The basic functions of the local help desk software include the possibility of full control of the equipment and access, management of internal connections, it also allows the possibility of creating new solutions and improving the current ones. All data is controlled and safe.

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