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Customer lists

What are customer lists?

Customer list is a part of your customers based on defined criteria. It can be a list of your of previous buyers or list of current buyers. Customer lists can be used for promotion or to keep up with customers.

In LiveAgent, you are able to create your own customer lists based on your set of criteria.

Frequently asked questions

What are customer lists?

The customer list is a group of customers that have been defined based on specific criteria. Such criteria may be, for example, current buyers or customers who made a purchase during a specific period. In LiveAgent you can create your own customer lists.

How to access customer lists in LiveAgent?

Agents with appropriate permissions have access to specific customer lists in LiveAgent. If you are a regular agent, you have access to your customer lists. If you have more extensive permissions, you can check other lists as well. You can find everything in tab Clients, in the agent's panel.

Can you edit customer lists in LiveAgent?

You can edit the lists of clients that you have access to in LiveAgent as needed. It's important to adjust and refresh them as it makes your work easier.

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