What is a target?

Sometimes you might need to notify a third party system about a new ticket or an important change to a ticket (for example a new answer in the ticket). Targets are similar to conditions.

Based on conditions you can execute multiple tasks either directly in LiveAgent by executing rules or in third party applications through API.

Frequently asked questions

How is the term target defined?

Target is an important element that allows you to measure whether the planned result has been achieved.

What are the advantages of using targets?

Goals allow you to assess whether the company has been successful in a specific area. Goals should be measurable, then you can get a quantitative analysis of your progress. 

Can you use targets in LiveAgent?

You can use goals in LiveAgent. It allows you to assess whether the company has achieved the expected results.

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Expert note

Targets allow you to measure whether planned results have been achieved. Setting measurable goals helps assess company success and progress. LiveAgent allows you to use targets for this purpose.

Andrej Saxon
Andrej Saxon
Sales manager
Call transfers take care of your calls. Attended transfers wait to terminate a call until it's picked up, rejected or simply not answered by another agent.

Call transfers

Attended call transfers allow calls to be transferred from one agent to another in a polite and efficient manner. This feature benefits large corporations with several departments and hundreds of agents. It improves customer satisfaction, agent workflow, and loyalty. Other beneficial call center features include IVR and intelligent call routing. LiveAgent offers a free 14-day trial to test out these features. FAQs clarify that Attended call transfers allow agents to connect customers to a different department, and how they work in LiveAgent.

Sales has always been a game of speed and numbers. Responsive and customer-centric sales teams have always had the advantage over slower teams.

Why sales teams need live chat and instant demo solutions

Sales teams need to prioritize speed and responsiveness in order to attract and retain new customers, particularly in the COVID-19 era. Inbound sales leads expect quick and detailed information, often relying on virtual sales meetings and demos to assess potential solutions. Live Chat and Instant Demo solutions can make a significant difference in converting leads to customers, with companies who respond within an hour being 7x more likely to have meaningful conversations with decision-makers. Chat widgets such as LiveAgent enable instant responses without negatively affecting website loading speed. Instant Online Demos, provided through solutions like CrankWheel, are a cost and time-effective way to convert new leads. The use of video in customer service is increasingly important, while real-time customer support has become essential for businesses to retain customers and increase revenue.

Surveys and interviews that are filled by customers are called customer service surveys. They help to monitor and track the satisfaction of the customers.

Customer service survey

The article discusses the importance of customer satisfaction surveys and how they can be distributed through various channels such as email, newsletters, chat messengers, and social media. The optimal distribution route should be chosen by conducting specific analysis. Milestone surveys should also be sent to customers at key moments in their journey. The article includes related resources and information about LiveAgent customer service software.

Learn about the ways to improve your customer service at live events and create better customer connections right away.

How to use live events to enhance customer service

Live events are crucial for brands as they allow them to connect with their audience and experiment with alternative forms of retail. They provide an opportunity to research what consumers want and tailor output based on first-hand evidence and complaints. Customer service has changed, and effective customer service involves more than processing orders with a smile. The key to success at live events is preparation. Brands should know their products and have marketing materials, exclusive offers, and discount codes to hand. They should also use social media to test new deals before offering them at live events. While live events have many benefits, brands need to be prepared to become customer-facing businesses for the day, or risk harming their reputation.

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