Online customer service

What is online customer service?

Online assistance that answers customers’ inquiries and questions. It’s online help provided by a company to its customers who use their products. Customer service agents use various tools to help customers. It is usually live chat, phone calls, emails, or social media.

If you’re a customer, answering your questions and addressing issues is a priority for companies. One of the key indicators of a customer-centric business is its ability to serve their customers quickly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define online customer service?

Online customer support is any service that helps customers solve problems and serves to support the customer. This can happen via email, live chat or social media.


What are the basis of online customer service?

The basis of online customer service is primarily the availability of communication channels, as well as the efficiency and merit of the answers provided. In addition, the skills of the customer service team are extremely important, both communication and software operation, which is also crucial.


How can you improve online customer service using LiveAgent?

Online customer service can be developed with LiveAgent. It is customer service software that allows you to integrate many communication channels in one place. As a result, the agent does not have to switch between programs and requests. This automates his work. LiveAgent also offers the ability to create e-mail templates, create macros and knowledge bases. In addition, you have access to reports and analyses that allow you to analyze the quality of customer service on an ongoing basis.


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