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Call center in help desk software - LiveAgent
Call Center Software

Automatic callbacks for your customers

Empower your customers to request an automatic callback if the line is busy, if there are no available agents to pick up their call, or if they simply want to be called back at a later time. 

Our queue callback system saves the customer’s place in line and when they’re at the front of the queue, the system automatically calls them back.

Improve your customer’s experience with our call center callback software today.

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Live Agent

Call center software with a smart callback function

LiveAgent call center software offers a callback function as a part of its IVR (interactive voice response) capability. Instead of waiting on hold, your customers can now request a callback by pressing a single button.

There’s no need to wait on hold or worry about losing their place in line. LiveAgent will call the customer automatically once they’re at the front of the queue.

The benefits of callback software

With LiveAgent’s call center queue callback, your agents won’t have to monitor requested callbacks manually. The built-in ACD (automatic call distribution) functionality works in sync with our powerful IVR system to automatically retain the caller’s number and place in the queue in addition to automatically dialing the caller’s number and assigning the call to an appropriate agent.

Give your customers the option to receive a callback from your contact center team instead of having to wait on hold. By being considerate of their time, you’ll reduce your call abandonment rates and see an overall customer satisfaction increase.

Customers expect a hassle-free experience each time they contact customer support. By providing them with an automatic callback option, you can provide them with a seamless service experience. Reduce customer effort today while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

How does the automatic callback function work?

To start using the automatic callback service, simply create an IVR script that includes the callback option.

Customer support agent chatting live with client

Cost-efficient callback call center software

Callback call center software is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. With automatic callbacks, fewer contact center agents will be needed to answer calls, as call volumes won’t be so high.

Automatic callbacks create more sales opportunities

Don’t miss out on potential sales opportunities simply because your customers can’t get in in touch with you. With automatic callbacks, your customers will be less likely to get frustrated and abandon their phone calls. By giving them the chance to request an automatic callback, you can generate more sales and improve customer satisfaction at the same time.

Customer service automated callback by LiveAgent
Unlimited call recordings in LiveAgent's call center software

More insights about usage statistics

Gather more insights about the service you provide. Our robust reporting features showcase statistics about your virtual call center including missed and answered calls, call durations, assigned agents, and more. 

With LiveAgent contact center software, there are endless reporting options. Segment data by day, week, month, or custom date range and create a graph or chart that best suits your needs. The more knowledgeable you are about the service you provide, the more you can improve and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Callback software features

LiveAgent’s automatic callback function holds your customer’s place in line. They can hang up with the knowledge that their number is retained, their place in queue secure, and their callback imminent.

Our contact center software offers a unified omnichannel agent desktop. With LiveAgent, your contact center agents can access all queries from different channels (social media, live chat, email, phone) in one interface.

Set up automation rules to improve your agent’s productivity and workflow. Automation rules can be utilized to automatically send out follow up emails, add (callback) tags to tickets, and more.

LiveAgent call center callback software is equipped with ACD functionality to ensure seamless call transfers and superior customer experiences. Our ACD feature automatically routes callers to the most appropriate agent/department based on availability, priority, or random assignment.

Our web based call center is equipped with a powerful IVR system that is ready to execute complex IVR trees. The IVR system is easy enough to use for beginners, but robust enough to satisfy professional call center needs.

LiveAgent’s automatic callback system takes on all the heavy lifting, ensuring agents can continue answering calls without any interruption. When a customer requests a callback and they get to the front of the call queue, the system will automatically dial their number and connect them to an appropriate contact center agent.

LiveAgent call center software automatically records every inbound and, outbound call. The system can store an unlimited number of call recordings which can be used for quality assurance, training, smooth ticket handoffs, or legal purposes.

LiveAgent’s hybrid ticket view ensures that contact center agents can follow a customer’s problem resolution journey across multiple channels while staying in the same ticket thread. Hybrid ticket streams help agents provide insightful and personalized responses that help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

See what automated callback software can do for you

Enjoy a free 14-day trial of LiveAgent to see what our virtual web based call center solution can do for your business and customer support, sales, and marketing teams.

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We offer much more than just automated callback software

In addition to a full-stack call center software, LiveAgent is a one-stop-shop for all things in customer service.

LiveAgent helpdesk tour

Connect all your social media accounts with our contact center software to improve agent productivity and keep your customer’s data secure. LiveAgent help desk software integrates with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Viber.

Proactive chat invitation in LiveAgent

LiveAgent helpdesk software boasts the fastest live chat widget on the market.  Enjoy advanced features such as proactive chat invitations, offline forms, pre-chat forms, as well as a real-time typing view that lets you see what the customer is typing into the chat box before they hit send. LiveAgent’s contact center live chat capabilities will help you improve customer engagement, increase sales, and boost customer satisfaction at the same time.

LiveAgent helpdesk tour

Streamline all customer queries into a centralized omnichannel agent desktop with our ticketing software. Assign tickets to different departments and agents, and organize each query according to tags, priority, or date received. View each customer’s problem resolution journey from start to finish, across different support channels, and in a context-rich format with our hybrid ticket stream.

LiveAgent - What is knowledge base software?

Create and stylize your very own knowledge base using our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Improve customer satisfaction by providing your customers with self-help tools such as how-to-articles, FAQs, or community forums.

Get the most out of your queue callback solution

LiveAgent web based call center software offers much more than just queue callback.

LiveAgent helpdesk software is packed with over 200 useful features that will help you streamline your agent’s workflow and take the guesswork out of customer service. Improve your agent’s performance with LiveAgent today.

Our contact center software is designed to work well with other applications. Integrate your favorites with our call center software to achieve maximum agent efficiency, as well as a holistic overview of each customer’s profile complete with previous purchases and interactions with your business.

Our main goal is your success. LiveAgent customer support is available 24/7, 365 days a year on multiple communication channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, live chat, our customer portal, or the phone. Give us a shout anytime you need us, we’ll be happy to help. We also offer support in multiple languages, should you need it.

Agents building customer support portal

Endless customization options

LiveAgent callback software was built with flexibility, scalability, and team collaboration in mind. Because every business (regardless of its size or the industry it’s in) has different needs, our contact center is fully customizable.

Our software can be scaled for operations of any size and any purpose, whether your contact center specializes in inbound customer service, outbound sales, or both. Our professional consultants or technical staff can assist you in creating the most efficient, effective software solution to fit your needs. 

Whether you’re in healthcare, hospitality, SaaS, automotive, e-commerce, or the education industry, LiveAgent can be tailored to fit your needs.

LiveAgent advanced, affordable, & easy to use queue callback solution​

Security lock and badge

LiveAgent contact center software is GDPR compliant, Google OAuth Verified, HTTPS encrypted, and stores customer data in Tier-III+ or IV or PCI DSS, SSAE-16, or ISO 27001 compliant facilities.

Person organizing information into tickets

LiveAgent call center software is completely cloud-based. Access your contact center’s powerful automatic callback features with ease every single day.

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Our omnichannel call center software has won over 20 awards in 2020 alone, due to its omnichannel capabilities, powerful native CRM, and advanced CRM integrations. Discover how LiveAgent creates seamless transitions from one channel to another today.

Customer support agent chatting live with client

LiveAgent call center software is offered at a freemium pricing model. We offer free call center software as well as an advanced paid version that includes automatic callbacks. Our paid call center software plan is offered for an affordable price. Pay less and get more value with LiveAgent today.

Deliver personalized experiences

Give your customers the option to contact you through the support channels they prefer.  Whether it’s through live chat, email, voice, video, social media, or web chat, LiveAgent is ready to deliver the seamless omnichannel customer experience that your clients expect.

Deliver highly personalized, knowledgeable, and context-rich service with our callback system and enjoy improved long-lasting customer relationships, higher customer satisfaction, improved customer loyalty, and more sales opportunities.

LiveAgent CRM integrations
Live chat for business by LiveAgent

Provide unparalleled service with LiveAgent callback software

Take our award-winning omnichannel call center callback software for a spin. Test our powerful IVR and CRM integrations to discover how you can deliver seamless customer experiences across all service channels. Request a demo, or create a free 14-day trial to see all that LiveAgent call center software has to offer.

What do our customers think?

  • Partly

    Roman Bosch


    It’s a pleasure to have a great portal that improves our customer service.


    Christine Preusler


    LiveAgent empowers our agents to provide better, faster, and more accurate support.

  • covomo

    Karl Dieterich


    LiveAgent helped us to achieve 2 important goals: increase customer satisfaction and sales.

  • HEWO

    Hendrik Henze

    HEWO Internetmarketing

    We have been using LiveAgent since August and we are really satisfied with it.

  • WebMaster Deals

    Razvan Sava

    Webmaster Deals

    Since we are using LiveAgent our response time improved by 60%.

  • XperienceHR

    Taras Baca


    Our paid customer conversion rate went up 325% the first month we've set up and actively started using LiveAgent.

  • TAZAR Group

    Andrej Ftomin

    TAZAR Group

    I have to say, I have never experienced such a professional customer approach.

  • The Workplace Depot

    Matt Janaway

    The Workplace Depot

    We find LiveAgent to be the best live chat solution by far.

  • CSI Products

    Viviane Carter

    CSI Products

    We use LiveAgent on all of our ecommerce websites. The tool is easy to use and improves our productivity.

  • Lucky Bike

    Christian Lange


    With LiveAgent we’re able to give our customers support wherever they are.

  • Projure

    Jens Malmqvist


    I can recommend LiveAgent to anyone interested in making their customer service better and more effective.

  • Websignal

    Catana Alexandru


    I'm sure we would spend 90% of our day sorting through emails if we didn't have LiveAgent.

  • All British Casino

    Jan Wienk

    All British Casino

    With LiveAgent we are able to keep our players happy by offering more efficient support resulting in higher return rates.

  • Norske Automaten

    Allan Bjerkan

    Norske Automaten

    LiveAgent is reliable, reasonably priced, and simply a great choice for any fast-paced online business!

  • Study Portals

    Sissy Böttcher

    Study Portals

    We like it because it is easy to use and offers great functionality, such as useful reporting features.

  • TypoAssassin

    Peter Koning


    We love LiveAgent - it makes supporting our customers easy.

  • Factorchic

    Aranzazu F


    We like to offer our customers the best support experience. That’s why we chose LiveAgent.

  • MyFutureBusiness

    Rick Nuske


    From setup to ongoing support and everything else in between, the team at LiveAgent continues to impress.

  • 123 Nakup

    Vojtech Kelecsenyi


    LiveAgent saves us hundreds of precious minutes every day by making customer service clear and in order.

  • Betconstruct

    Rafael Kobalyan


    Unlimited agents, email, social media, and phone integration. All that for less than we were paying with our previous provider.

  • Atomer

    Martin Drugaj


    We’ve been using LiveAgent since 2013. We can't imagine working without it.

  • AVMarket

    Ivan Golubović


    It's a cost-effective solution that can help you with a large amount of support requests via different channels.

  • Antalya Consulting Language Center

    Rustem Gimaev

    Antalya Consulting Language Center

    Answering emails from Outlook was so hard to manage. With LiveAgent we're sure every email is answered in time.

  • tekRESCUE

    Randy Bryan


    LiveAgent is so awesome. With very little time and effort I had it up and running smoothly in a few...

  • Marietta Corporation

    Timothy G. Keys

    Marietta Corporation

    I highly recommend the LiveAgent product, not only as a Kayako alternative but a much better solution with added value.

  • eFortuna

    Mihaela Teodorescu


    The support team always responded promptly with quick to implement solutions.

  • TrustPay

    Hilda Andrejkovičová


    It helps us categorize the nature of the tickets and statistically track what our clients need most.

  • Nay

    Alexandra Danišová


    We see LiveAgent as a great tool for communicating with customers.

  • m:zone

    Samuel Smahel


    LiveAgent sped up our communication with our customers and gave us an option to chat with them as well.

  • Volterman

    David Chandler


    Simply put - LiveAgent beats everything out there at this, or even higher, price-points.

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What is the function of a call center?

The main function of a call center is to enable customers to call businesses with any questions they might have regarding products, policies, returns, functionality, troubleshooting, or feedback.

What is an automatic callback?

The automatic callback feature is a computer telephony function that allows callers to request a callback if the line is busy, if there are no available agents to pick up their call, or if they simply want to be called back at a later time.

Are automatic callbacks an important feature?

Implementing the automatic callback function into your virtual call center software will allow you to provide better service for your customers. Having a callback feature active indicates that you value your customer’s time, which is what customers desire most.

How much does callback software cost?

The cost of callback software varies. However, the callback function is usually a part of an all-in-one system. For instance, call center or a help desk software. LiveAgent is a customer service software that has more than 180 features, including a callback function. The price for a full help desk solution is $49 per month for each agent.

Why should you use a callback function?

A callback function is mainly used in companies with a high amount of customer inquires. Since customers want answers right away, your business needs to adapt. Having a callback function in your call center can prevent a bad customer experience. Opting for a feature-rich call center software that includes a callback function can improve customer representative workflow as well as customer satisfaction.

How do I activate automatic callback in LiveAgent?

To active a callback function, you need to navigate to Configurations -> Call -> Numbers -> Edit number -> IVR -> Insert a preferred callback feature -> Save.

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Customer service callback functions give your customers the opportunity to request a callback instead of waiting on hold if the line is busy.

Customer service callback

Improving customer service requires effective communication, multi-channel services, and a customer service system. Key qualities such as empathy, patience, and understanding are important for great customer service. LiveAgent offers various features and integrations to support customer service, inbound call center, and complaint management systems. Sales contacts are available for demo or subscription. LiveAgent strives to build a quality customer service experience for their clients.

If you want to provide outstanding customer service for your customers, utilizing a free virtual call center software is a great way to get started.

Free Call Center Software

Call center software, whether free or paid, is an essential tool for businesses looking to provide excellent customer service. With the rise of cloud-based solutions and automated calling systems, it's easier than ever to set up and maintain your own virtual call center. The software allows agents to make and receive calls, access customer information, and organize all inbound and outbound phone interactions. There are different types of call center solutions available, including inbound and outbound call centers, multichannel contact centers, and omnichannel contact centers. Free call center software can be a great option for smaller businesses, while paid systems are better for larger companies. The benefits of using call center software include improved productivity, transparency, and customer satisfaction, as well as lowered costs, easy implementation, and scalability. Best practices for call center software include taking advantage of software integration and preparing call center scripts.

A callback function is an essential part of every contact center. Learn how to use it to generate more leads and business revenue.

Improve your call center workflow with our callback feature

LiveAgent is introducing an automatic callback function that allows customers to request an automated callback instead of waiting on hold. Implementing this feature can increase customer satisfaction, reduce the number of abandoned calls, and provide more insights about your call center. To start using the callback function, you need to connect a VoIP phone number to your LiveAgent account and create an IVR script. LiveAgent will then automatically dial the caller’s phone number and connect them to a designated support agent. The callback function is an essential part of any top-tier contact center software.

Increase your customer satisfaction with LiveAgent and it's built-in customer satisfaction software measurement tool Nicereply.

Be happy with customer satisfaction software

Customer satisfaction software is the key to contented customers who are more likely to stay loyal, recommend your brand, and are more profitable for your business. Measuring customer service satisfaction has become mandatory for most businesses, and LiveAgent offers a solution to take your customer service satisfaction to the next level. With LiveAgent, easily receive customer feedback, track the quality of your customer support, and continually improve your service. Try it out with a 7 or 30-day free trial.

Inbound call center software can help you set up a virtual call center. Easily manage inbound customer communications, improve support team’s performance, and generate more inbound sales. Choose the right one for your needs.

Inbound call center software

Inbound call center software is essential for providing prompt and helpful support to customers. Implementing such software is easy and costs vary based on features and service plans. The top 20 providers of inbound call center solutions offer customizable features, benefits, and downsides at accessible prices. LiveAgent, Call Center Studio, Ringcentral, Zendesk, Talkdesk, Zoho Desk, Cloudtalk, GoToConnect, and Salesforce Service Cloud are some of the best software options available. Each has its own unique features, benefits, and drawbacks to suit businesses of varying sizes and needs.

Empower your customers to request a callback and improve their support experience with your virtual call center/multichannel helpdesk.

Automatic Callback

Automated customer service can save time and improve workflow, but it's important to balance automation with human interaction to keep customers satisfied. Help desk software can automate tedious tasks and improve team operations. Automated callback software can improve customer satisfaction, allowing them to request a callback if the line is busy or they are unable to speak with an agent. LiveAgent offers a 14-day free trial for this service. Contact LiveAgent for a one-on-one demo and discover how it can benefit your business.

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